• Stephen Hawking’s Death and the Loss of Our World stephen-hawking

    Professor Stephen Hawking’s death is the death of an epoch. Revered as a great physicist, his genius will always be celebrated.

  • Dandi to Mumbai : why the political class is afraid of the barefoot masses kisan


    Long marches for assertion of dignity and reclaiming the voices of common people have been a constant component of Indian political culture. The movement of farmers in Maharashtra is an example of peaceful and collective action in a milieu that is indifferent to the voices of the oppressed.

  • Kristen Kold and Folk Schools of Denmark ChristenKold

    As teachers and educators we must be committed to a lifelong process of learning. In this process of self-discovery and exploration the works of the Danish educationist philosopher Kristen Kold open before us a whole new horizon of path breaking insights.

  • Hegemony, Knowledge and the Dialogue of Civilizations MALL

    For modern societies characterised by stringent division of labour, the institution of schooling is considered to be of great relevance however this system can silence the values and dreams of several learners coming from unconventional families.

  • Discontents of the Economy and Social Movements dz


    In a conversation with The New Leam Professor Jean Dreaz – a renowned economist who values living experience more than dead numbers – has reflected on the present state of the Indian economy, and the emancipatory possibilities of social movements.


  • Love, Power and Femininity: Rediscovering Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar  satyajitRay-mahanagar-the-big-city

    On International Women’s Day Professor Avijit Pathak looks at Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar—a film released in 1963, and finds a nuanced language of love, courage and femininity which, as he argues, makes Ray’s visual narrative immensely relevant even in contemporary times.

  • Valmiki Community:  Discrimination, Marginalisation and the Pathos of Caste Hierarchy manual-scavenging1-1024x630

    The task of manual scavenging in India is done largely by a caste community called the Valmikis which is situated at the bottom of the caste hierarchy. It is time that marginalization and deprivation derived out of caste is abolished. Collective reconstruction of institutions accompanied by institutional reforms shall enable our communities to stand for justice.

  • Recalling Shanta Gandhi sg

    Shanta Gandhi was an Indian theatre director, dancer and playwright closely associated with the IFTA movement. She is also accredited for envisioning an educational program based on the arts for the tribal children in Gujarat. The article that follows gives us a glimpse of the life of this iconic woman.

  • Excerpt: One Hundred Years of Solitude HM

    To celebrate the 91st birth anniversary of the Colombian author and Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez we are happy to share with you an excerpt from his acclaimed book One Hundred Years of Solitude.

  • Pedagogic Challenges Towards Cultivating Eco-sensibility Among Students 5078.bsbw.jpg-580x0

    As young learners grow up they realise that many of our urban practices are not is sync with our eco-sensitive pretensions and thus there seems to be a paradox in our times. What should be the role of teachers and pedagogues in cultivating a true sensitivity and concern for nature among their students?

  • The Discipline of Art Nandalal-Bose-Biography-in-Hindi


    Nandalal Bose was a gifted artist nurtured by the likes of Tagore and Gandhi. The New Leam is happy to share an excerpt from a beautiful essay (The Discipline of Art) that was published in 1968. At a time when we witness the all-pervading degeneration of what is regarded as ‘popular culture’, it is refreshing to be enlightened by Bose: the way he saw art as a meditative practice, a kind of sadhana.

  • Resist the Hindutva Appropriation of Swami Vivekananda vivekanand

    In this brief note, Professor Avijit Pathak has expressed the need for resisting the practice of appropriation of religious figures like Swami Vivekananda by the ruling Hindutva ideology. It is important for the secular intelligentsia, as the author argues, to engage with the multiple possibilities that an activist monk like Swami Vivekananda generated.

    Prof. Avijit Pathak

  • Modern Development and Environmental Depletion in our Times image (1)

    Nature, when treated like a resource to be merely extracted and used can prove extremely destructive for the sustainability of the planet and the species that reside on it. A harmonious and fruitful exchange with nature is the need of the hour.

    Bharat Dogra

  •  No Shoes and Socks: The Bihar School Examination Board Looks at Curbing Cheating 571604-bihar-intermediate-exam


    Bihar Board Examinations are being conducted and from this year students are not allowed to wear shoes and socks inside the hall to decrease the possibility of cheating. Examinations generate anxiety and pressure and thus cheating cannot be contextualised in a void.

  • Short Medical Courses Can Be an Answer to Inadequacy in Rural Healthcare Yourstory_iKure_5


    India faces a shortage of more than five lakh trained doctors and the inadequacy of healthcare is felt more in the rural areas. In this situation doctors trained through short courses in medicine can be used to fill the demand-supply gap in healthcare.

  • Alarming Illiteracy Rates in India: Accountability and Action shehnaz (3)

    74% of the Indian population is illiterate. No government lead policy will bear any fruit unless this important challenge is duly addressed. Are we prepared to make this our national priority?

  • Child Labour : a collective concern asdew

    Child labour is born in a society where both poverty and illiteracy are prevalent. It must be eradicated from its roots for an emancipatory social system.

  • Nothing Really Has Changed for Bihar’s Musahar Community 201443092553258782_8

    The Musahar community in Bihar is one of the most deprived and socially disadvantaged groups that are present in the country. Its pathetic condition has not improved much despite a series of reforms and changes in Indian political history. The empowerment of the Musahars is an intrinsic need for the wellbeing of the society as a whole.

  • An Ode to the Spirit of Asma Jahangir asma-jahangir-afp-650_650x400_81518415034

    Asma Jahangir(27Januray 1952- 11February,2018) was a human rights activist and lawyer from Pakistan whose work and contribution have been recognized across the world. She also co-founded and chaired the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Her courage and determination shall forever be cherished. Kabir | The New Leam Asma Jahangir was a lawyer and well recognised […]

  • Government Wakes Up to Climate Change Crisis en-news-17050935-HARSH

    Union Minster for Environment Harsh Vardhan recently announced that curbing climate change and environmental pollution will now become his ministry’s top most priority. But can legislation’s and large scale measures alone make the difference when individuals are unwilling to alter lifestyle practices?

    Mona Bakshi

  • Goa : BJP Mockery of the Pathos of Poverty invoice

    Mr. Parrikar needs to understand that when there are more than 270 million people below the poverty line there are far greater concerns than cleanliness. While we should be working towards building a system that ensures people a dignified living across economic backgrounds, no elected representative in a democracy shall have the right to mock the conditions of the suffering poor.