• The PM’S Independence Day Speech: Embellished Words without a Realistic Vision 71st Independence Day function at Red Fort

    The PM’S Independence Day speech was embellished with political rhetoric and the choice of fancy words yet it failed to address many of the important questions that India as a nation must find answers to, amidst these issues can a nation’s citizens choose to remain passive consumers or is it time that we exercised our own discretion?

  • Can the Subaltern Really Speak? aid india

    Language is not just a medium of communication rather language is the symbol of power and cultural hegemony- it is through language that communities reign, defeat and diminish other communities and thus language becomes a major political tool in the process of nation building. It is time we questioned the hegemony of languages and developed a truly cosmopolitan approach for addressing this issue. How realistic are our claims towards the implementation of the three language formula?

  • No more partition, please…   5502810fc0e0e

    August 15, 1947: it was not just a day of joy and celebration; it was also a day of pain and loss. Did Partition divide only the geographical territory? Or, did it also fragment and brutalize our consciousness? We could not escape this question. And even after seventy years of Independence, the trauma of Partition continues to haunt us. Have we really learned any lesson? Or, is it that we are still thirsty for blood, and obsessed with narrow religious identities?

  • An Education for the Future: A Dream Vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother sri aurobindo


    Sri Aurobindo was an Indian philosopher-educationist who wrote extensively on the nature of human consciousness and the way forward to a better future for the whole of mankind through inner awakening and flowering. On the occasion of his birth anniversary it is time we invoked his ideas afresh.

  • August 15: A Day of Inner Churning indian youth and politics today-reviewmantra

    With reflexivity and critical enquiry, the author relates the discourse of the nation to the spiritual freedom of the enlightened citizen.


  • The Unity of Man and Cosmos 75dc26eff905e71b2cee09884d155071_large

    There is something pathological about the way knowledge’s are fragmented and divided; it causes violence, anguish and some sort of neurotic disorder. Is it possible to have a new quest for the kind of knowledge that heals, and unites man and cosmos? Radhakamal Mukerjee—a great social philosopher—was a visionary. That is why, what he wrote in 1964, we believe, needs to be understood and comprehended by all those who think of education and the destiny of civilization.

  • Open Defecation in India and the Paradox of the Popular Cleanliness Campaign TOILET

    When more than 52% of India’s rural population still defecates in the open giving rise to both unhygienic conditions and disease, can mere political rhetoric alter the future of the nation?

  • Leaking train roofs and the mythical promise of bullet train train

    The driver of a train was recent photographed holding an umbrella over his head while driving the train in order to protect himself and the control panel of the train from drenching in the rain due to a leak in the train’s ceiling. Is the dream of ‘smart-cities’ merely a childish fantasy?

  • The No- Detention Policy and the fate of education for the marginalized in India BHI

    The No-Detention Policy is likely to be dropped at the elementary school level according to a recent government proposal. In a cultural milieu where educational opportunities are already scarce for the marginalized in general and for the girl child in particular, the repercussions that this is likely to have are drastic.

  • The Art of Being ERICH FROMM

    We must arrive, then, at first conclusion: In contrast to the generally accepted view, modern man is basically very helpless in relation to his world. He only appears powerful because he dominates nature to an extraordinary degree. But this domination is almost completely alienated; it is not the result  of his real human powers but […]

  • And the Death of Wonder By Nutan Upadhyay 448ebc18

    Recently we raise a debate on the nature of science education in the age of technological seduction. Here is a response that reveals how technocratic consciousness is killing the critical spirit of science. Nutan Upadhyay is an educationist, working with tribal community of Jharkhand. It is perhaps the right moment  to ask ourselves a very […]

  • What should the Science march in Bengaluru compel us to think? socrates

    The contribution of Science in the cultivation of public rationality and the fight against oppressive social structures can’t be denied but does that mean all other knowledge systems are unimportant or inferior; the recent science march in Bengaluru compels us to ask some important questions that we have long taken for granted. Kavya Thomas | The […]

  • Education is not just an Accumulation of Degrees 17553643_1298549306865408_8247075565320287145_n

    Education is the guiding force of society and it has the potential to liberate it from the forces of negativity, meanness and ruthless competition. How can we define education in the modern era to suit the needs of these challenging times?

  • The age of diagnostic imperialism MONSOON

    See the way we are losing sanity. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the experience of buying a car with special Diwali discount and the act of undergoing a medical screening – from the diabetes check to MRI.
    See the language now for this sort of medical tests there is also an special offer. Does it mean that it is great to fall sick during monsoon or autumn? Because diagnostic clinic are giving special discount?
    If we allow the market to invade every sphere of life including health and medicine, we would find ourselves in an insane world.

  • Minors stamped on the face in Bhopal Central Jail: are human rights authorities paying any heed? IMG-20170808-WA014712

    In Bhopal Central Jail the faces of minors were stamped when they came to meet their relatives on Rakshabandhan day. Does such a stark violation of both human and child rights strike a clarion call for our times?

  • From Varnika Kundu to Medha Patkar : Busting the Myth of ‘Bharat Mata’ FINAL2

    Women are civilizationally revered and statistically violated in India. In this article with a nuanced interpretative analysis the author looks at the three recent incidents- stalking in Chandigarh, molestation at Dantewada and arrest of Medha Patkar, and argues that instead of worshiping the mythical Bharat Mata we ought to look at the everyday struggle of real women passing through extreme forms of patriarchal /statist violence.

  • Talking tales: once upon a time small was beautiful TALKING TALES

    The genre of literary writing for children is perhaps the most challenging as well as the most fulfilling for the creative mind. In the piece that follows we undertake a journey to the far off land of imagination, creativity and a world filled with memories of a time when we were little children.

  • Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech at National Law School, Bengaluru : if words were to come true… The Vice President, Mohammad Hamid Ansari addressing at the release of the book titled “Rescuing the Future Bequeathed Misperceptions in International Relations”, authored by Dr. Jagat Singh Mehta, in New Delhi on February 1, 2008.

    Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech on nationalism, secularism and cultural pluralism has come at a time when many of us are experiencing an environment filled with fear, suspicion and intolerance.  We all know that the imagination of the new nation that the leading stalwarts of the freedom struggle created was based on the ethos of […]

  • Contesting the killer instinct in masculinity: a rare sight at the battleground US Sprinter Justin Gatlin bows before Jamaica’s Usain Bolt after winning the 100m final at the World Athletics Championships in London on Saturday.

    Contesting the killer instinct in masculinity: a rare sight at the battleground

  • Celebrating National Handloom Day over the Grave of Swadeshi ????????????????????????????????????

    The Prime Minister had announced the nationwide celebration of the Handloom Day on 7th August in the year 2015- it is also the day when the Swadeshi movement started in 1905 marking the movement where ordinary Indian’s reclaimed their sense of dignity and self-respect in the context of colonial oppression. What symbolic importance does this […]

  • Mr. Prime Minister, your words are excellent. Are you thinking of equally excellent practices?

    With the metaphor of QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT, Mr. Prime Minister has recently pledged to force communalism to quit India. His words are excellent. However, in this small article Labanya Sengupta—an independent educator situated in London—has asked whether we can find the unity of theory and practice. She has given a set of concrete suggestions to […]