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  • Manipur University Havoc: NHRC Intervenes

    The Manipur University has been undergoing turmoil for several months now resulting in immense disillusionment and discontent among faculty and students.

  • The Violence of the Mechanical Mind

    Vandana Shiva’s penetrating observations and sharp reflections make us rethink the project of modernity – its instrumental rationality, its hyper-masculine doctrine of development and manipulation of nature, and its dualism that separates the knower from the known, science from ethics, and is centralizing/monopolizing tendency.

  • The Save RTI Campaign is the Cornerstone of Our Democracy

    The recent march in Delhi to protect the RTI act is an important time in the history of democratic India because if we don’t oppose the dilution of the RTI, the ordinary citizen shall be completely disempowered.

  • The Hungry Nation: India’s Poor GHI Ranking

    We as a nation have failed to ensure that all people irrespective of class lead a dignified living and have quality food at subsidised rates. The nation’a poor rank in terms of the GHI paints towards a very sorry picture.

  • When an Illiterate Fruit Seller Built a School: Dreams amidst Hard Times

    In the outskirts of Mangalore, an illiterate fruit seller dedicated his time and savings to build up the only school in his village that not only promised the light of education to many but also became the symbol of people’s agency.


“Between The Lines” is a new Series on contemporary events, politics, culture and media; where the discussion goes beyond the rhetoric. Generating questions and cultivating critical sensibilities is the core purpose of the Series.  

  • Lessons from the Soliga in Times of Ruthless Development and Statist Monopoly

    Hegemonic and authoritarian models of development are often against both communities and forests. Here is a look at the life and struggle of the Soliga Tribe in Karnataka that asserted its rights and won back its access to the forest as a source of life and livelihood.

  • We can’t ignore Climate Change any Longer: Putting the IPCC Report in Perspective

    The IPCC report on emissions reminds us that while nation-states hold the responsibility of curbing climate change, individuals are also equally responsible for leading sustainable lives. It is through shared concern that the earth can be saved.

  • The Emperor’s New Pair of Trousers: A Modern Day Parable


    Managerial elite, corporates, business tycoons and industrialists all seem to be extremely interested to invest in the education sector. With the assertion of business priorities before inclusive education dreams, the education system needs serious attention.
    Anthony Joseph

  • Hindus and Muslims Belong Together: Why Our Schools Don’t Understand

    At a school in Wazirabad, Hindus and Muslims compose two different sections; amidst an already fractured national consciousness has schooling failed its inclusive purpose?
    Ananya Pathak

  • Mr. Vice Chancellor : Even Your Engineering Students at JNU Are Unhappy

    The JNU VC, it seems, is intoxicated with the sadistic urge to destroy the university. Even his Engineering Students have begun to overcome their silence.

  • Migration and Violence in Gujarat

    Several migrant workers from the non-Gujarati speaking belt have been compelled to flee Gujarat in the context of grave violence against migratory labour in the state.

  • Cinema on Women is not Just Women’s Cinema

    Films are a medium of immense possibility given their potential to depict narratives and characters with a sincerity that touches people’s lives. The emergence of films about women’s issues marks a remarkable turn from films that were centered on male protagonists alone but will this trend result in societal transformation if it is seen and appreciated only by women?
    Dr. Reetamoni Das

  • Children ought to be told about Death

    This article emerges out of the experience of a teacher who questions the negligence of important questions such as the meaning of death from our school curriculum and the larger discourse in the field of education.
    Gayatri Pattnaik

  • Reproducing Caste through Manual Scavenging: Myths and a Dark Reality

    Legislation have banned manual scavenging but despite these, the practice continues to exist in most states of India. Without a change in social orientation and sustained state initiative, it is impossible to abolish this inhuman compulsion that rules over the lives of lakhs of Dalits employed as manual scavengers.
    Sundaresha D. S. 

  • Why are the Asiatic Lions of Gir Dying?

    The Asiatic lions of Gir are among the endangered species which if not taken care of will soon be absent from the landscape of earth. The recent deaths of more than a dozen such lions in Gir is a reminder of the insufficient care by the nation state of a species that adds a lot to India’s natural diversity.

  • The People without a homeland: Deporting the Rohingya Back to Myanmar

    Seven Rohingya refugees who were held in imprisonment since 2012, by the Indian state on the grounds of illegal migration, were deported back to Myanmar on Thursday, after the Supreme Court rejected their plea to stay back in India as they fear being killed in Myanmar.

  • Najeeb Disappeared and so did our Judicial Vigilantism

    Closing the Najeeb file is against the sanctity of judicial activism in India and points out to the need for redefining the priorities of the judiciary. It is ironic that the state in spite of its enormous strengths in unable to be accountable for the missing student in the light of the recent progress in the case

  • porn needs careful regulationsWhy Your Addiction to Porn is More than a Disease

    Unrestricted accessibility of pornographic content leads to sexual violence that disrupts the very fabric of society. We live in a world where not only is the need for restriction over porn crucial but also fundamental for the wellbeing of society.
    Bharat Dogra

  • A JNU Professor’s Frightening Dream

    Is the dream becoming real? Here is a piece – written with intense pain and sensitivity – that makes us think about the state of higher education in the country.
    Avijit Pathak

  • Aung San Suu Kyi’s extraordinary fall from grace

    The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi , imprisoned for 15 years over a 21-year period in her struggle for human rights and democracy, has suffered a swift and dramatic fall from grace as a global icon. She is now widely seen as an enabler of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

  • Inclusivity is the Only Solution to Poor Health among the Scheduled Tribes

    Large scale rural to urban migration in the nation has implied that while the metropolitan centres have flourished and developed, the rural regions remain under the veil of poverty and ignorance. The poor health infrastructure in regions inhabited by the Scheduled Tribes in particular points to the unsustainable pattern of development and the need for inclusive care.