• The Negligence of Pedestrians from the City’s Landscape encroachment-story_f4ec5e5e-1928-11e7-8dd7-d947b0232760


    Pedestrians are an unwelcome lot in the busy, vehicle-dominated landscape of the urban cities. But when the urban loses all sense of the importance of a contemplative walk, when the honking of cars dominate the soft sounds of falling footsteps- we surely cannot be far from disastrous implications for both nature and humanity.

    Meenakshi Kumar

  • Simone de Beauvoir: A feminist Legend Unforgotten Simone-de-Beauvoir-013

    Simone de Beauvoir( 9 January 1908- 14 April, 1986) was a French thinker and existential philosopher who continues to have everlasting impact on our world and thought process.

  • The National Anthem: an Option before Theatres Anthem

    The playing of the national anthem in cinema halls has now become optional after severe vigilantism and chaos over the matter in the last couple of months. What does a decision of such a nature imply and are we prepared to think beyond the symbols of nationhood?

    Kavya Thomas

  • Video|Sumitranandan Pant National Museum Kausani sumitranandan-pant-gallery


    Sumitranandan Pant was one of the most celebrated 20th century poets of the Hindi language and was known for romanticism in his poems which were inspired by nature, people and beauty within. The Sumitranandan Pant museum is located at Kausani, Uttrakhand, India.

  • The Trap of Scientism and Technocratic Rationality: In Search of Liberating Education view-from-the-top-Credit-Moorside-School-Cumbria-Outdoors

    In this philosophically nuanced article (based on the foundation day lecture the author delivered at the Central Institute of Education, Delhi University on December 19, 2017) Professor Avijit Pathak has raised serious epistemological issues, and pleaded for an enriched dialogue between science and humanities.


  • Crisis in Public Health System in India doctor treating a patient in a rural village school


    Health care is important for the individual and the societal need and when the state fails to ensure quality healthcare, a large section of the masses suffer. How can the public healthcare system be democratised and quality be ensured?

    Mahendran Arumugam

  • Are Smartphones the New Opium of the Masses? Smartphone addiction in 5 charts

    In hyper modern times mobile phones and social media platforms have brought about a new form of slavery into society. It is found that today we spend most of our time on phones compulsively addicted to social media.

  • Mandatory Attendance and the Violation of the JNU Spirit jnu_2

    The classroom filled with just a few but interested learners is preferable to one that is overpopulated by a disinterested lot. The compulsory attendance proposal at JNU is regressive and truly against the spirit of the university.

    Aakash Ganguly

  • When Quacks Dominate the Medical Landscape then Ailment Prevails article-2242882-16579C7A000005DC-224_634x419

    In the absence of qualified doctors and proper medical infrastructure many quacks or fake doctors have begun to play with the lives of innocent people. In a context like this, can we readdress the question of brain drain, private monopoly over health sector and the growing disparity of medical infrastructure in the country?
    Nishant Upadhyay

  • Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Standardization’ kota-coaching_bd4c9020-c4b0-11e7-a621-6b23f0f703d9

    Standardization often acts like am equalizer for differences, but in many cases it may lead to the ruthless destruction of diversity and uniqueness. How do we strike the right balance?

    Nivedita Dwivedi

  • Loving to Read and Reading to Love 179031223

    FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reading is central to the development of the learner’s mind, and when this habit is developed from an early age it opens up the window to a new world of possibilities and provides exposure that is critical for the development of the healthy mind.  Miss Heera Nawaz works at Cambridge School […]

  • Inflated Marks: The Tale of a Murderous System exam-1498020914

    As the Board Exam is approaching, the author reminds us of the pathology of inflated marks that a faulty system of education has created.

  • Why Clean Air is My Birth Right and Modernity is snatching it away Peaceful-Coexistence


    Clean air is a human need that no technology can ever replace however in recent times the growing rates of air pollution and the associated respiratory and health disorders have compelled us to revisit the environmental question with unprecedented seriousness and urgency.

  • Plastic: The Bitter Truth of Human Intellect and Technocratic Progress howlong

    Globally 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year and less than 10% of the total quantity is adequately recycled. A large chunk of the plastic produced finds its way into the oceans and water bodies causing immense damage to multiple natural resources. Plastics are causing a damage that is irreversible and devastating to life on our planet. We however continue to witness the global investment in plastic production growing by multiple times, amidst this situation how should we strike the sustainable balance?

  • The Politics of Nation Building 12

    In his second letter to young students pursuing humanities and preparing for the Board Examination, Professsor Avijit Pathak has explained the deeper implications of studying political science.

  • In the search of Mirza Ghalib 1483089957-mirza-ghalib-fb-926

    On Mirza Ghalib’s 220th birth anniversary we are sharing with you an important piece in which the author is trying to find the relevance of Mirza Ghalib for the present times.

  • A Fictional History: Imposing Modern Feminism on Kasturba’s Inner World 51ER+QnZtOL

    Through a critical textual analysis of The Secret Diary of Kasturba by Neelima Dalmia Adhar the author has cautioned us, and argued why a contemporary, radical feminist lens for looking at Mohandas- Kasturba relationship can be problematic.
    Ananya Pathak

  • Growing and Flourishing as a Teacher: Problems and Perspectives Dead_Poets_Society_36141_Medium

    Teaching as a vocation demands the commitment to the process of lifelong learning. To do justice to the vocation of teaching it is important that the pedagogue continuously exposes herself to the world of new ideas and resources that can enrich her each day and enable her to bring fresh innovation in her work. This makes the process a fulfilling experience for both the teacher and the learner.
    Shinjini Sanyal

  • Coaching Centers: Fight the Racket COACHING CENTRE

    In this passionately argued article Kavita Kulkarni—a schoolteacher situated in Pune—has expressed her anguish—the voice of dissent against the huge racket in the name of coaching centers.

    Kavita Kulkarni

  • Don’t Abandon the Moral Question Sermon On The Mount

    William Damon is Professor of education at Standford University; and Warren A. Nord is director of the Program in the Humanities and Human Values at the University of North California. In their books and research papers they have argued—with empirical evidence as well as philosophic insights—that we ought to take the moral question seriously, even though in the climate of cultural relativism there is skepticism towards solid moral certainties.

  • Why NOTA Speaks Volumes on the Culture of Democratic Dissent NOTA

    NOTA (None of the above) is central to the culture of democratic politics because it articulates the possibility of dissent and points out the growing need for an alternative culture of governance where people matter more than ideologies and dogmas.

    Lokesh Tripathi