• Critical Pedagogy: Teachers as Transformative Intellectuals By Henry Giroux maxresdefault-1

    On the occasion of Henry Giroux’s birth anniversary we are happy to publish the extract from his article titled ‘Crossing the Boundaries of Educational Discourse: Modernism, Postmodernism and Feminism’.
    The New Leam believes that Henry Giroux is one of the leading critical pedagogues of our times, and his sharp reflections on culture, polity and education remind us of the discontents of the neo liberal notion of market-induced/skill-oriented learning.

  • Arsenic Poisoning of Water and Rampant Cancer Outbreaks in North India cheapwater-kARG--621x414@LiveMint

    Clean and portable water is a basic human need but what happens when due to infrastructural lapses and lack of governmental will even this basic right is denied to a large section of the population? Diseases such as Cancer become rampant and the general health of the public deteriorates radically. The piece that follows throws light on this grave matter.

  • Captain Fantastic: a Film with Several Pedagogic Possibilities captain-fantastic

    Captain Fantastic is a film that takes us on a unique journey of pedagogic possibilities and leaves us with many unexplored questions regarding the cultivation of the child’s mind, the inculcation of responsibilities and the development of a complete individual. It is a film that is at once engaging and stimulating. Here is a review of this fantastic film.

  • Hindi Diwas – 14th September | Hegemonic English: The Cleavage of Divided India POST.JAGRAN.COM1

    The divide between India and Bharat is only widening. Language with its hegemonic power does have a significant role to play in erecting the wall between the elites and the masses. Can this hegemony be transcended or is language destined to become the new status symbol of modern India?

  • JNUSU to DUSU: the decline of right wing ideology? Untitled-design-123

    On Wednesday the results of the DUSU elections surprised the nation as after four long years the NSUI won the top posts. Do these results reveal the popular disillusionment with the rightist forces or is this merely a victory by chance?


  • Are Toilets Fast Becoming a Great Ordeal? Untitled1

    The availability of washrooms is but a basic necessity for dignified living but what happens when even this basic right is denied? In the context of the recent film Toilet: Ek Prem Katha the following article tries to explore this important issue.

  • Into The Wild: A Film that Compels One to Undertake a Journey Within into-the-wild-670x448

    ‘Into The Wild’ is a film that released in 2007 and was directed by Sean Penn. It is the story of a man who leaves behind the comforts of the urban life and takes up an existence in the wild. Here is an engaging review of the film.

  • Gandhi—the step-father of the nation : Ashish Nandy maxresdefault-1

    With his characteristic style, Ashis Nandy provokes us, and makes us see the relevance of Gandhi.

  • JNUSU ELECTION|Trap of Caste, Religion and Gender: The Ugly Transformation of JNU Students’ Politics IANS

    As this iconic university is passing through a deep crisis, it is sad to see the ugly character of the political culture of JNU.

  • Our Assassinated Democracy:  The Death of Gauri Lankesh Gauri Lankesh1

    On Tuesday night senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot to death outside her home in Bangalore. Gauri was known for her radical opposition to communalism and her death has jolted the nation. It is time to contemplate on not just the assassination of a journalist but also the decadent socio-politics of our times.

  • RESPONSE | Can the nation prosper only with the hype and without sustained ground work? weekly debate 1

    We are happy to receive such an overwhelming response from our readers in response to our Weekly Debate Segment. We are happy to publish three of the best entries received for the debate. We encourage our readers to take part and generate a debate on themes of collective concern. Looking forward to your responses for the upcoming debates.

  • Teaching as Celebration of Life P1020219

    Teachers are the backbone of any civilization and the onus of cultivating quality citizens for tomorrow rests on them. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day we commemorate the great contributions being made by teachers across the world. The article that follows shares with us the significance of teachers and throws light on what the civilization would have been without them.

  • A Teacher’s Kindness – Diisaku Ikeda 30719f2f1482e8776f9640da1afd6e3b

    Diisaku Ikeda is a Buddhist leader and an educator. As he recalls a great teacher who shaped his way of seeing, we feel that our readers should read this story—particularly, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.

  • Give me my Right to Education Right of education

    The Right to Education is central to the growth and emancipation of any society as it builds the bridge between its various sections and establishes the foundations of equity and dignity for all. However is the right only a hypothetical myth that is still denied to a large section of the population which is deprived and marginalized? What happens if we do not hear these voices of pain and agony? The contemplative poem below reflects this angst.

  • Yearly Floods: Do the lives of thousands of villagers really matter? pti

    The floods in India are a yearly ritual. This year floods have taken thousands of lives and destroyed crops worth thousands crores. There is no serious intervention or development in government plans targeted at avoiding this yearly tragedy. Despite this fact the flood victims see this as their destiny and suffer its brunt like silent victims.

  • We Hear and See: Politics of the Newsroom flood

    Mumbai faced incessant rains over the last many days leading to clogged roads, immobile traffic and disruption in the busy life of the city- this remained at the heart of all news programs on Indian television but is it not time to contemplate why many remote, unknown villages of the eastern states where flood has brought about unpredicted damage has not captured our attention so much- is there a politics of media coverage?

  • WEEKLY DEBATE |GARBAGE OF MODERNITY, GARBAGE OF DEVELOPMENT ghazipur-garbage-landfill-collapses_53c33eae-8f42-11e7-af36-115e347150c8

    Should we reflect on the pathology of this ‘risk society’ that our modernity and development has created? Or should we see it as another passing phenomenon?

  • The Price of Democracy is the Death of Our Children vgvgvg

    Yet again over 40 children have died in Gorakhpur, revealing once again the stark negligence and shameless attitude of the authorities who not only take the lives of ordinary human beings for granted but also display indifference and lack of true concern. Amidst these situations what does the culture of democracy signify when its citizens are its very victims?

  • India’s Satellite Launch Fails:  Why Do We have Misplaced Concerns? 124523

    India’s eight regional satellite failed to launch on Thursday and it is time for the nation to reflect whether we indeed have misplaced priorities as a nation. In a context where natural disasters, political violence, judicial negligence and lack of human dignity define the times what really should the nation focus on?

  • A Brawl on the Operation Table and the Lost Ethics of a Profession jodhpur_1761163_835x547-m

    Doctors are endowed with the capability of healing patients and giving them a new life but recently an incidence in Jodhpur demonstrated the contrary as a brawl was prioritized over a human being- are we prepared to answer the many difficult questions that we are being once again reminded of?

  • South Asia Experiences the Worst Flood in a Decade: a Lesson Waiting to be learnt sdsds

    It is estimated that more than 1,200 people have already died in India, Bangladesh and Nepal due to incessant rains and flooding leading to loss of life and property at an unprecedented scale. Will state authorities work towards building stronger relief, mechanisms?