• JNU Vice-Chancellor: Are You Listening? 27655376_10209778989545657_5771228609617621865_n

    In this perceptive piece, the author reflected on the recent crisis in JNU, and expressed her anguish over the way the present Vice-Chancellor is handling the entire issue.

  • No Aadhar No Facility: Woman Gives Birth Outside Hospital when Denied Hospitalisation Outside the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon where the woman gave birth. (Express Photo by Manoj Kumar)

    In Gurugram’s Public Hospital a pregnant woman was denied access to hospitalisation and thus compelled to give birth outside under full public view because she failed to produce her Aadhar Card on time. Similar cases have been reported from across the country where vital facilities such as medicine and food have been denied to people at their inability to furnish an Aadhar Card. Should our obsession with documentation be allowed to deprive us of our basic dignity as human beings?

  • When the Ramayana Jibe Ignited a Mahabharata between the BJP and the Congress modi-renuka

    Prime Minister Modi’s Ramayana jibe at Renuka Chowdhury agitated the Congress and has captured the nation’s imagination. Irrespective of political inclinations and party affiliations are our parliamentarians disrespecting the sacrosanct character of the Parliament as the temple of Indian democracy?

  • Mr. Modi, Children are not Warriors eb8a850ff3eb588d41098679da00ed49


    In this brief review essay, Professor Avijit Pathak has reflected on Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s new book Exam Warriors (Penguin Books), and with absolute humility advised him to rethink what he has written in this well packaged product.

  • Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease: Compulsive Digitalization is No Solution fg

    Digitalization as a compulsive strategy shall only prove alienating and disastrous in a milieu where infrastructural development is scarce and public readiness is incomplete. Denial of basic resources and facilities in the absence of adequate familiarity to these strategies can often prove threating to the very welfare of the system and its people. Can we strive towards a more inclusive strategy?

    Minakshi Yadav


  • The Union Budget and the Health Sector: an Uneasy Relationship Uncovered mnrega_employment_620

    UNION BUDGET 2018 The Union Budget has come up with two schemes to apparently revolutionise healthcare for the poor and marginalised. Given the present scenario and the innumerable challenges it poses, it remains to be seen whether there is any possibility of deliverance transcending the promises of the establishment. The Union Budget has been recently […]

  • Ecological Crisis and the Choice of Humanity 3-format2101

    ENVIRONMENT/ Ecological violence and denial of a harmonious human-nature bond have resulted in a crisis of ethics around the world. At a juncture when neither the spirit of tribal eco-sensitivity nor the charm of the Romantic Movement can be revived, is there a possible path that can guide the modern, industrial civilization towards sustainability, reciprocity and nurturance with respect to nature.

    Mark Johnson

  • Schooling in a Misogynistic Climate Narasimhan-Indian-Schoolgirls

    A school teacher in Raipur warns her female students against wearing western attires and makeup as this makes their being raped justified according to her. Sexism and misogynistic mind-sets must urgently be condemned in our schools if we are to fight oppression and backwardness.

  • Endangered J.N.U. in the Era of Ideological Witch-Hunting invoice


    Can campuses in the country continue to fall victim to ideological witch-hunting? In recent months the fate of J.N.U. has seen several turning points and unsatisfactory recruitment of faculty, improper construction of Selection Committees and the perpetual tussle between the admiration and the larger community of teachers-students have made it a battleground. How long can a revenge based outlook to educational institutions remain the dominant discourse?

    Amit Joshi

  • Gandhi on the Threshold of Time mahatma-gandhi-by-photographers-margaret-bourkewhite-and-henri-cartierbresson-33-638

    Gandhi’s death anniversary is here, reminding us of the critical importance that he lay upon fighting the inner enemy simultaneously with the outer one so as to achieve a harmonious coexistence of mind and heart. Amidst educational discourses that seek to divide and compartmentalise, a young learner discovers Gandhi in her moments of critical yet reflexive experimentation with ideas.
    Priya Mathur

  • The Renewed Need of Peace Movements in an Antagonistic World    9th June 1939:  Indian thinker, statesman and nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869 - 1948), centre, waiting for a car outside Bifla House, Bombay, on his return from Rajkoy. Amongst the group with him are Pandit Nehru (1869 - 1964) (left) and Vallabhai Patel (right).  (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

    Gandhi as a political thinker and philosopher emphasized throughout his works on the evergreen importance of peace movements for a conflict-ridden world. Even today we continue to be desperately in search of such a movement that unites the internal and the external aspects of human existence into a peaceful and harmonious reality. In this thought-provoking piece, the author compels us to revisit this critical question and work towards a peace movement that addresses the issues of the contemporary world.

    Bharat Dogra

  • Does Wisdom Matter? onEZJ2cVOFA

    Guy Claxton is Professor of The Learning Sciences at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. His current work focuses on the development of infused approaches to the cultivation of positive lifelong learning dispositions in schools. His research makes us realize the importance of wisdom in education.

  • Boycott Television News Channels  _52453972_ap3976

    In this passionately argued brief piece, the author has warned us of the hollowness of most of our television news channels; its consequences, as the author has pointed out, can prove to be disastrous.
    Prof. Avijit Pathak

  • WONDER|To protect India from the loot of foreign companies fdi


  • Gandhi, Ambedkar and Tagore: The Republic’s Iconic Visionaries Compel Us to Rethink the Given Image credit : Photographs by Hemant Mishra/Mint

    Gandhi, Ambedkar and Tagore have introduced us to ideas of the nation that were radical and emancipatory. As we commemorate the 69th Republic Day, we invoke them yet again to problematize and redefine the nation in contemporary times.

    Nutan Upadhyay

  • Republic Day: An Occasion for Revisiting Our Priorities 123

    Republic Day celebrations are here and we are face to face with multiple thought-provoking ideas that invite us to probe into issues of collective concern. The article that follows, invites us to revisit the contemporary times in new light.

    Anirban Ghosh

  • The Perils of Being Republic bhi

    The 69th Republic Day is here and now is the ripe moment to think of the trajectory of the nation. With success and contradiction, achievement and challenges, India is unfolding its unique tale. Let us revisit, let us contemplate and think of this nation that we call ours.

    Kavya Thomas

  • Contextualizing the Telephone as the Communication Device of Our Times 05a007392f227df237101e98a506b569

    Telecommunications have brought a massive change in the way in which we interact, communicate and express ourselves. Here the author takes us on a journey of personal narratives about how the telephone meant different things to her at various stages of her life and what it would mean to live without them it, a change.

    Ankita Chatterjee

  •  The Risky Terrain of Secularism and the Fate of the Polity 655858-bjp


    Karnataka BJP MLA equated an upcoming district poll to a battle between Lord Rama and Allah. In the absence of political maturity and accountability, can the true essence of India’s secularist tradition be restored?

    Mira Kashyap

  • PDS in Tamil Nadu: A Search for Alternatives _8bd70d46-fa24-11e7-a1cf-7dff4aec86fa

    The article explores the many possibilities and limitations to the PDS system in the state of Tamil Nadu and tries to look for alternatives that are better suited to the needs of the present times and give adequate benefits to the state.

    Mahendran Arumugam

  • DIALOGUE|Confessions of a Social Media Addict social-media-addiction-facts

    DIALOGUE | Are Smartphones the New Opium of the Masses?
    Obsession and diligent usage are often confused and this has often been the case as far as our relationship with technology is considered. Let us explore the layers of this complex debate through the author’s first-hand experience.

    Amir Sayed