Vol.1 No.2 Spring 2015

The New Leaf

Vol.1 No.2  SPRING 2015

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Education as a Tool for Critical Consciousness: Situating Paulo Freire in Contemporary Times
By Ananya Pathak

Inspiring an Imagination: What John Lennon Can Teach us about Teaching
By Bistrina Barua

Children’s First Lesson of Symbolism
By Vikash Sharma

Mathematics  can be Magical

Theory is Practice, Practice is Theory
By Avijit Pathak

Towards School: Not a Smooth Journey
By Ruman Hameed

Rethinking ‘Alternatives’ in the Domain of Education

Children, Buddha is Here
By Ramya Devi

Reflections of a Science Teacher
By Ashu Khattar

In Quest of a Conversation: From the Iron Cage of School Administration to the Warmth of a Home

Art: The Basis of Education

Chasing Wonder, Not Success
By Roopa Rantham


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