A blend of creative pedagogy and aesthetics 

From the cover page poetry to the debate to the fillers- they all are extremely unique. My only hope is that even some grassroots explorations are taken up at some juncture in the magazine to give it an even more meaningful touch. The thematic concerns that are raised are extremely important, I would love you invite your team to my own school for conducting some sort of creative orientation program for our teachers who would gain a lot from this exposure. The kind of concerns that each issue brings are extremely helpful for the teaching community, I wish you have a momentous journey ahead.

Harish Kumar

A hope in dark times

The New leam has been a delightful reading always, I have read and reread each issue several times. The quality of  articles is indeed rich and one can come back to them at different points. I have made it a point to share my copy with many friends and we have discussions on many of the themes that you raise. I would like to tell you that in the February issue the debate about the vocation of teaching and how it is now been regarded as mundane captured my attention. When you invoke Khalil Gibran, it amazes me to think of your wonderful insights. As a teacher I have seen this vocation transform, I feel the pathology of marketization an adventure like yours only keeps my hope alive that things are not altogether gloomy.

Radha Rangaswamy


Provoking the Imagination

I first congratulate the editorial team for such creative ideas that come up in each issue. In the march issue I loved the combination of the cover image( a young boy engaged in pottery) and the debate. Yes, its absolutely right that caste is in our minds and unless we erase it from there our battle against it cannot be over. I think your magazine’s penetrating insights ought to be spread among more and more people.I congratulate you again for bringing out such new ideas which are seldom part of political rhetoric.

Narmada Rai,

Critical Insights and Creativity

My colleagues introduced me to your magazine six months ago and ever since then I have not missed a single issue. In the market i have seen many magazines on education but your’s is one that one can read again and again. I have only one suggestion, please incorporate a section on children’s writings also. This would add a new dimension to the magazine. I wish you all the best for this endeavor.

George Harrison

A Magazine with a Difference

What wonderful work you and your team are doing, each issue helps me and my colleagues to rethinking our teaching pedagogy. This time I liked all the articles and especially the excerpt that you have given from Thoreau, it makes one think how we have forgotten the simple ways of life in this age of luxuries. Thanks for raising questions that are hardly raised anywhere else!

Ruhani ,