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  1. vinay
    vinay at |

    A fresh perspective. It should be widely spreaded.

  2. Alok
    Alok at |

    Gender Stereotype.

  3. Kumar Ritesh
    Kumar Ritesh at |

    The ideology of nationalism often reproduces itself through sports carnivals; and the practice of sports indicates gender stereotypes. It is in this context that a film like ‘Dangal’ has to be situated. Yes, it is a powerful film. Yet, as the article has suggested, here, paradoxically, the language of women’s emancipation has been articulated through the hegemonic masculinist ideology. Be like men–hard, competitive; abhor the ‘softness’ of life; and be victorious, and make the nation proud. This seems to be the guiding principle of the film. An engaging film; but its hidden message is problematic. I am happy that The New Leam has raised the debate.


Thank you for your important reflection.