Great work. This ‘web exclusive’ has added to the gravity of your magazine. It requires hard work, creative insight and perpetual alertness. Here is a theme which is immensely relevant.The culture of fast food, its packaging in the world of ads, and the way it targets the child as the new consumer–everything seems to indicate the arrival of a society that normalizes instant consumption, seductive violence and popularization of a ‘celebrity’ culture. Here is a piece with a high degree of critical/reflexive insights. Congratulations.

  • Pooja Bhatia

    Insightful and provocative piece. It amazes me when people like Indira Nooyi are hailed as iconic leaders while all they are doing is selling a sugar spiked drink that is known to cause obesity and health hazards in young adults all around the world. Companies often abdicate their social, moral responsibilities in a bid to make higher profits. Health is a much neglected subject that merits urgent attention from educators and governments alike. Having said that, i also feel that the burden to provide healthy nourishing meals falls disproportionately on women, especially working women, reeling under the double burden of work at home and work.