At a time when the ‘real’ society wants us to be ‘hard’, ‘pragmatic’, ‘calculative’ and ‘technical’, it is pretty refreshing to see this editorial that pleads for art–art as a mode of living, art as grace and reflexivity. Possibly something innovative happens in life only when we dare to do things differently. In this editorial I notice this courage and conviction. After all, to live meaningfully as a teacher, a mother, a farmer, a doctor, a football player is to do one’s work with creative zeal, joy and warmth. And that is art. With art the mundane becomes sacred. When we lose this beauty, grace and meaning we become ‘smart’ and ‘clever’; but we miss all the miracles–the sun rising, the moon illuminating, the whisper of trees, the birds flying, the child laughing without reason, the eternity in a cup of tea.