Cartoons have a great pedagogic function. Because in those sharp artistic creations you see a mix of political/social commentary and powerful satire. With their characteristic humour the cartoons take us to the realm of social critiques. Recall Laxman’s ‘common man’, and through his surprise and helplessness we could see the relationship between an average individual and the big ‘system’ over which one doesn’t have any control. It is good to see this particular cartoon; it shows the addiction to technology–almost an obsessive urge with the ‘latest’. At one level, the gadget-intoxicated generation is losing human agency and sensitivity to separate the trivial from the serious, purely personal from public gossip. It kills the sanctity of an experience. This does by no means suggest technology empowering people; instead, this only reveals how it is like a new drug we are addicted to. Educationists must think about it.