• Pooja Bhatia

    Timely piece. :) Sharing a recent piece by Ramchandra Guha that argues along the same lines : http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/the-racist-in-the-mirror-4599774/ His narration of Gandhi’s evolution of thought is particularly interesting. Excerpt below:
    ‘Everyday racism within Indian society is reflected in such matters as matrimonial advertisements asking for (or demanding) women with fair skin. And it is reflected outwards in prejudice against Africans. Indeed, when he landed in Africa in May 1893, aged 24, Mohandas Gandhi was himself a racist. He saw Africans as backward and lazy, and as greatly inferior to Indians, and wrote about them in these terms. These prejudices he shed, slowly, the longer he lived in the land. In a speech in Johannesburg in 1908 he insisted that the British rulers should give both Indians and Africans “equality with themselves. free institutions and make them absolutely free men”.’