A relevant piece. I do agree with the author that at a time when all political formations–left and right–are busy in using Ambedkar in an instrumental way, we need to go deeper, see the ideas he put forward, and examine his contributions in the context of the larger politico-spiritual canvas that Gandhiji with his genius created. Worshipping Ambedkar, and hence condemning Gandhi would make no sense. We need both. Congratulations for this honest article free from the baggage of ‘political correctness’.

  • Sumit Patel

    A friend of mine asked to read your article. I am issue with your ideas, and I really do not like if some one compare Baba Ambedkar with Gandhi. Kindly do not try to prove anything.. Gandhi will be always criticised for his brahamnical values and strongly I believe that a brahamnical author should not establish any Ambedkar related arguments. All the best. Jai Bhim!!

  • Saba Tanveer

    I really like his article. Its awesome. This article is deeply arising very important question related to ownself. We should enlarge our blocked brain. And stop bashing the author and identifying everything Brhamnical.. Long live humanism!!