• Pooja Bhatia

    Thank you for writing this Sir. :) You have conveyed what many of us have been feeling lately but have not been able to express in words. This article needs to be shared widely.

  • Biswajit Saha

    A deep perspective by Prof. Avijit Pathak. More power to your pen.

  • Dr pranab Mangaraj

    Prof. Abhijit,
    Great piece. Echoing the feeling and concerns of thousands of Indians like me. Politics of ‘tokenism’ Is the Name of the game and We can hardly change the game for anything better. Let’s plough our own furrows as best as we can and keep hoping.
    Pranab Mangaraj.

  • Kingshuk Nag

    Great piece ! Got the bulls eye-

    Kingshuk Nag

  • Govindarajan

    The dalit chief minister installing her own statues is to get over the inferiority complex in her. How is it considered ‘Brahmanical’.

    Will the writer kindly explain the meaning of brahmanical?

    The country is definitely proud of the pure brahmin prime minister Shri Narasimha Rao who opened up the economy which meant giving up power!!!