• Pooja Bhatia

    Clubs in Calcutta fare no better. Calcutta Punjab Club has a huge board that unabashedly declares “No maids allowed.” Most clubs observe strict dress rules with round neck t-shirts, casual footwear, etc not allowed. A few years back, the colonial era Calcutta Club (that hosts the famous Calcutta Club debate every year) had quoted controversy over the Chief Minister’s dressing etiquette. Mamata Banerjee, invited as a speaker for the debate, had walked in in her rubber slippers and jhola, much to the dismay of the club memebers!

    Recently, a premier restaurant Mocambo had faced the ire of the public for refusing to serve a cab driver.

  • Pravez Rasool

    Such incident are happening everywhere in India. Yes, we really criticism if it happen to other but what about those labors, servants and others to whom we are doing the same?