The New Leam Humor

A child asks his father, ‘Papa, you often say that everything in the world is temporal. Everything passes… I do not understand. Every morning I see the sun rising, every moment the tree gives us shade and oxygen, and the river is flowing without a break. I see permanence. So why do you say that things are fleeting and temporal?’

‘I will explain it to you’, replied papa. And then, he showed him these two pictures:


The child thought for a while, and then said, ‘Yes, papa. you are right. I have understood why things are temporal. And I have also understood why you no longer see the sun, the tree and the river, and keep electing these politicians. They are great tutors.’ 

Papa felt extremely happy, and praised his child by saying ‘ You have truly become an adult like me–worldly and pragmatic.’ 

  • Sumit Patel

    Brilliant analysis. A very deep satire.