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  1. Hema
    Hema at |

    Great to see that someone is publishing a piece on Aurobindo. The day is unforgettable because we found a new perspective to humanity. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  2. Arindam Gupta
    Arindam Gupta at |

    If more and more teachers could be aware of what Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have written on education and follow those writings then India would progress by leaps and bounds. A very well written article indeed! The students of Gargi College are lucky.

  3. Prof Swapan K Sarkar
    Prof Swapan K Sarkar at |

    this is a well written paper. This aspect needs further research and documentation. The great personalities of that time had a futuristic vusion so they started a movement on nationalist education. very little research work has been done on the subject. It is unfortunate part of research in education that no major research so far undertaken. research guides should think over and motivate their scholars accordingly. you have very rightly mentioned the three principles which Shri Aurobindo have said prophetically.
    Thank yuo Madam. My regards to you.


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