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  1. Uttam
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    Yours is indeed a beautiful venture. Where does one get an opportunity to read this kind of piece? In this age of mundane/sensational news, you have still retained your sanity, and felt it necessary to recall a thinker like Henry Giroux. Congratulations.

  2. Three Revolutionary Educators That You Should Know About - La Comadre

    […] Third, Henry Giroux writes about the need to have teachers recognized as “transformative intellectuals” and schools as “economic, cultural and social sites that are inextricably tied to the issue of power and control. Schools serve to introduce and legitimize particular forms of social life.” I agree that schools should provide this knowledge for students so they’re consciously aware of what’s going on in their city, county, state, nation and globally. To understand where Giroux is coming from, I suggest reading Critical Pedagogy: Teachers as Transformative Intellectuals By Henry Giroux […]

Thank you for your important reflection.