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    Agreed to most of the points that you have raised about JNU students’ politics. However, the report has been written from a very elitist perspective. As an alumi few questions came to my mind and they are as follows- on what ground can you say the versity campus is overcrowded when there is a huge seat-cut for the in-take of 2017-2018? Agreed to the point, when students misutilise their freedom by being irresponsible but at the same time, it is your sheer ignorance that many many students from oppressed section face discrimination by their respective professors. I believe, it is a very common practice in School of International Studies, Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies and also in some of the science schools. A scholar of Centre for Historical Studies is looked down upon by his/her supervisor for not being well articulate in English. Now coming to the point of destruction of biodiversity of the campus, i would suggest you to not to worry about that, as the present vice chancellor is doing pretty good with tree plantation program every now and then! A visit to the administrative block would be ideal to understand his concern about extincting floras and faunas! After all, he is an IITian! To correct your report, since 2012, a functional health centre, shuttle bus service, installation of sanitary napkin vending machine, getting rid of bedbugs and maintainance of hygene in school toilets – these are the issues always raised by student political parties (this year even ABVP!). But all fell into the deaf ears of the administration. So, I would request the reporters and editors to do a little more research by going through the party agendas before writing a report. According to your report, there is unmanagable sloganeering and noise during the presidential debate. True. So, why not blame a parliament session? It is far more condemnable when the ministers, the representatives chosen by you and me behave so uncivily infront of media! Why not talk about them for example, O.P. Sharma? And above all, what is wrong in choosing women candidates? When there is no woman candidate, you would be the first one to criticise, raise the matter and slander JNU students’ politics. The Jnusu has history of having women presidents like mona das, sucheta de and vice presidents like shehla Rashid, chintu kumari and many more. I recall these names as they were the office bearers during my study years. Even, DUSU election left panel has nominated women as their preseidential candidates for atleast 2 consecutive years (including this one). Instead of that, why don’t you ask ABVP and NSUI of DU the reason why they have not reserved 2 most important office bearer posts for women? You never had any problem for this “bhai ko jitana hai!” Culture of DU. You have not mentionned anything about Umar Khalid who has convinced us for 6 years about his disbelief of electoral politics and suddenly breaks up his organization just to contest election. Undoubtedly, this critical gesture is almost correct but somewhere this report lacks awareness of student’s political situation in the versity campus. One of the biggest reasons is the changing patterns of entrance exam for which students belonging to a certain class with capital and selfish, intolerant,insensitive, individualistic mindset with no political understanding, is qualifying JNUEE. They are emerging fast by bringing destruction of the democratic, progressive culture of JNU. Teachers (most of them) and the administration is solely responsible for such situation. Why not referring this also?