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  1. Uttam
    Uttam at |

    Beautifully written and designed. Keep producing such sensitive pieces.

  2. Arin
    Arin at |

    It is your conviction that Dove meant to say darker women can become fairer and therefore purer by using their product. Did you for one moment think to consider that wasn’t what the ad meant to say? The ad does not suggest what you inferred.

  3. Bhumika Joshi
    Bhumika Joshi at |

    You are the one who really concerned about such important issues. Unfortunately we have very few platform that really talks about it. This is not just n issue of Dove and Fair Lovely but revels that what really this world thinks related to racism and discrimination. This capitalistic structure functions according to human weakness. They only survive because of propaganda. This need to take much serious. Still we have some spce to fight against such phenomenon of capitalism.


Thank you for your important reflection.