• Neelima Dalmia Adhar

    The Secret Diary of Kasturba:

    Dear Ananya Pathak
    Thank you for this detailed critique on my book. While I appreciate your in depth analysis on the narrative, I want you to know that I have only scripted a diary, as I had imagined life with the mahatma thru the eyes of Kastur. It is purely a work of fiction based on historical indisputable facts that are public knowledge and my attempt to conjure up that saga supported by my background of psychology and my ethnicity (marwari) has aided me in creating this diary. No where do I claim precise authenticity with the actual ethos of the lady’s mind, but no one can dismiss my portraiture either because no one knows the real Kastur. I may be guilty as charged of projecting myself in her life and form, but that is precisely what makes this a validation of my success in creating the shadow wife of the prophet as I see her. I am no historian, nor am I a conventional biographer. I am a writer of fiction and therefore I am allowed to avail of my license to create this character as I see it.
    Gratitude once again
    Neelima Dalmia Adhar