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  1. Uttam
    Uttam at |

    Congratulations. Professor Thakur’s reflections on Karl Marx are truly illuminating. His clarity, lucidity and openness, I am sure, will appeal to the larger audience. The New Leam should produce more audio-visual learning items for its readers and friends.

  2. Pooja Bhatia
    Pooja Bhatia at |

    It is always a pleasure listening to Professor Thakur. Though I wish he had elaborated a little more on the commonalities between the Nyaya tradition and Marxism.

  3. S. Surendra
    S. Surendra at |

    Marxism needs to come out from elite left circle in India. Today Marxism is more over a symbol rather than activism. We need to have world view and genuine approach towards this brilliant theology. A very well articulation.


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