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The New Leam is a magazine that firmly believes in the idea that condemnation and criticism are easy but the real challenge before us is to move beyond critiques and look for a new alternative possibility, to use our own creative imagination and construct. In the contemporary intellectual culture the focus is mainly on deconstruction but The New Leam seeks to look at new alternatives that are possible despite the present constraints in various domains of a person’s existence be it education, culture, aesthetics or pedagogy.
The New Leam also firmly believes that a bridge must be formed between theory and practice, words and actions, technique and lived reality, science and humanism, poetry and prose. Through this we wish to move beyond the world of cynicism and skepticism and speak of the positive life affirming alternatives that wait to be knocked. Thus moving beyond trivial journalistic coverage of issues based on the reporting of facts and the glossy magazines on fashion and travel that are meant merely for momentary entertainment. The New Leam is a qualitatively different venture, it seeks to sensitize and stimulate the reader. To compel him to think on issues, reflect on ideas and be able to see the world in a fresh, new way. The idea is to penetrate into issues, engage with them seriously, and through this deep engagement evolve alternatives, to generate hope and keep alive a dream. Thus this magazine is for all those students, researchers, teachers, academicians, activists and everybody else who have an urge to explore new ideas, think of  new possibilities and go beyond the prevalent constraints of contemporary education, culture, aesthetics and other associated domains of our lives. Today The New Leam has a nationwide readership and is read across educational institutions ranging from schools, colleges to universities and centers for research. The magazine is a well known name in the field of education, pedagogy and aesthetics and receives contributions from writers across the globe.

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