While Husband Cracks Trade Deal, Melania Trump Observes ‘Happiness Class’ in Delhi School

American President Donald Trump is busy discussing a trade deal with PM Modi, while First Lady Melania Trump visits a ‘Happiness Class.’

India is High on Human Trafficking But Compensation Reaches Only a Lucky Few

Thousands of Indian women and children fall victim to the malaise of human trafficking trade but only 0.2% were compensated during 2011-19

Anti-CAA Protests and the Return of the Constitution 

Constitutional morality and the assertion of the constitutional ideal are our urgent needs in these difficult times, but are we ready for this quantum leap?

The Therapeutic Potential of Arts

Art helps children to discover themselves, instead of following the crowd. It is this profound message that this article seeks to explore.

A Request to be Colonised

When the British came to colonise us we won back our sovereignty through sustained resistance but today we are asking to be colonised, however by another equally powerful force.

Mr. Harvey Weinstein, Silencing Victims Won’t Work in Your Favour

Weinstein’s case reaffirms faith in the judiciary and its institutions. It is hoped that influential men will think twice before committing such heinous crimes and work for making the industry more safe and friendly for women.

Remembering Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on his Death Anniversary

Maulana Azad was a well known scholar who served as India’s first education minister.

Water is Essential for life, But Are We Doing Enough to Check Contamination?

All the stakeholders namely industry, agriculture, government and the public need to come together and mitigate the effects of this crisis by striving for access to clean and safe water as well as environment

Revisiting the Pale Blue Dot – Thirty Years Later and from 6.4 Billion Kilometres Away

A photograph of the earth taken by NASA spacecraft Voyager – 1 on February 14, 1990 became popular as ‘the pale blue dot’. This is an interesting discovery for the whole of the science community.