World Records Rise in Domestic Violence Cases with Coronavirus Lockdown 

The lockdown means that women are forced to constantly live with their abusers day and night. The global rise in domestic violence is certainly a cause of concern. 

What Would a Post-Coronavirus World Look Like?

Covid-19 has taken the globe by storm and has had severe social and economic implications. As social distancing and quarantine become the new norms, will we be able to return to our normal selves too soon?

The Need for Amendments in the Lockdown and a Call for Reasonable Flexibility of Approach

The total lockdown in the face of coronavirus has had multiple implications for the economy and the society. The question really is whether the allocation of fund in this regard is enough to sail us through the crisis.

COVID-19/Proper Planning ,Transportation Could Have Helped India’s Migrant Workers 

The lockdown has brought about unprecedented hardships for the migrant population in India. Could better planning not have reduced their miseries?

Xenophobia: Targeting People from the Northeast in Times of Coronavirus 

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed new xenophobic forces bringing about attacks on people from the northeast. Can we fight our collective xenophobic ailment?

Nizamuddin Basti Beyond COVID-19: The Merger of Spirituality and History

The Nizamuddin Basti is home to culture, history and spirituality, but the coronavirus has ended up stigmatising it. 

Politics of Entertainment:Revisiting the Ramayana in Times of Corona

The popular ‘Ramayana’ is being re-telecasted on television as the country is undergoing a complete lockdown for 21 days due to the coronavirus pandemic. Is the fine line between politics and entertainment eroding?

Kashmiri Doctors Must Be Prepared to Face Government Action if They ‘Publicly Criticise the Administration’

A recent order by the J&K government warns Kashmiri doctors against taking to the social media or talking to the press against the government’s efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

An Insufficient Relief Package for the Lockdown: Can India Sustain?

Faced with a lockdown, the real challenge is of containing the virus and sustaining the weaker sections of the populace.