NATGRID Access to Social Media Accounts: Safety or Breach of Privacy?

NATGRID would require a complete surveillance over the social lives of internet users and access to their online data.

 Inspiring Story/Schizophrenic in Mumbai: an Answer to the Indian Crisis

Here is the inspiring story of an Indian psychiatrist who devoted his life to the mentally ill vagabonds of Mumbai.

Grading, Student Engagement and Success in Academia

As university campuses are becoming increasingly alienating, a teacher reflects on the need for reciprocity.

On Chandrayaan 2 and the Rumours, Comments and Politicisation of the Scientific Mission

Chandrayaan 2 may have captured the national imagination, but the extensive politicisation and propaganda behind it are worrisome.

Exclusion, Marginalisation and the Human Cost of the NRC

It has been just over ten days since the publication of the NRC. The publication of the Register culminates an unrivalled bureaucratic exercise for documenting genuine citizens of the state but all this comes at an extraordinary human cost.

Hollywood’s million dollar gender pay gap – revealed

Women stars earn around US$1.1m less than male actors with similar experience, based on new research findings.

Oldest Humanoid Skull Discovered in Ethiopia

The skull of mankind’s oldest known ancestor has been unearthed in Ethiopia.

‘Delhi Declaration’ at desertification summit: So near yet so far

Experts highlighted that the declaration diluted the importance of the rights of indigenous communities and women over land.

Universal Values for A Protective World

Can we build a just society if people see nothing wrong in snatching the share of others?