The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Severe Blow to Assam’s Handloom Sector

The traditional weaver-community of Assam is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic as a hazard threatening their way of life and livelihood.

Remembering the Legacy of the Three-Time Olympic Gold Champion Balbir Singh Sr

Balbir Singh Sr. will forever be remembered for his remarkable contributions to Indian hockey and the pride and laurels that he brought to the nation.

The Possibilities of a Decline in the COVID-19 Fatality Rate: A Detailed Analysis

This article is a detailed analysis of the declining COVID-19 fatality rate and the factors responsible for such a development.

Why Must it Take a Jyoti Kumari to Cycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga to Put Us All to Shame?

Visuals of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari cycling from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her ailing father over seven days amid the lockdown have gone viral and the likes of Ivanka Trump have called her story inspiring.

Seeing Through an Incident of Burglary at the Time of the Pandemic

Here is a piece that speaks of a positive quest when one feels tempted to be paralyzed by psychic nausea, fear, inexplicable tragedies and a sense of betrayal.

An Ode to the Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

As we celebrate the 121st birth anniversary of the revolutionary poet-writer Kazi Nazrul Islam, here is a tribute to this literary maverick.

Eid Amidst Lockdown: A Dampened Spirit of Festivity and an Earnest Celebration

With no congregational prayers or large gathering, celebrations of Eid-al-Fitr will be earnest and limited to the confines of the home for most Muslims across the world.