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BIRTH ANNIVERSARY | Today is the 90th birth anniversary of Che Guevara, the most romanticized revolutionary icon of the world.


Today is the 90th birth anniversary of Che Guevara, the most romanticized revolutionary icon of the world.

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Ernesto Che Guevara

The Argentina Marxist and revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara still adorns the mind of  millions of youngsters and thinkers around the world. Che was born 90 years ago in Rosario, Argentina.

At a very early age the man became an icon to millions. Most of us must be familiar with a photograph in which he is found having long curly locks, wearing a black round cap with an fixed single star , holding a Cuban cigar in his hand keep , the photo keeps  fascinating us. Similar photographs can be seen everywhere from t-shirts to decoration of walls. It is very hard to pass through without any reorganization.

Several youngsters  recognize him as the most stylish revolutionary but rarely people  acknowledge that he is not any fashion icon, Hollywood actor, model or sportsperson but a thinker and revolutionary.

Alberto Granado (l) and Ernesto Guevera (center, helmut) pose before leaving on their great adventure. Image Source : Marea Editorial/Efe

Ernesto Che Guevara was born and brought up in a middle class family, he joined Buenos Aires University in 1948 and studied medicine.

In 1950, Che and his friend decided to explore Latin America and undertook the  8000 km motorcycle journey to Latin America. This journey was a benchmark in Che’s life; he saw the poverty, starvation and oppression all over the country. It was a deep realization and deeply impacted  him.

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

We mark the role of Che in the revolution of Cuba in 1959. He joined Fidel Castro in removal of  Fulgencio Batista the head of Cuba. And after this the 26 July movement led by Castro, Che enabled him to become a significant leader. He was idealized after Fidel Castro and honored with Cuban citizenship. In Fidel Castro’s government he was appointed as president of bank, ministry of industry and prison.

Post Cuban revolution, after six years when the country was in order, Che decided to leave Cuba  and spread the dream of revolution elsewhere. During this period he visited many countries including India.

Che Guevara in India, July 1959 / Photo Source: Photo Division, Government of India

In 1966, Che started revolutionary movement against the government of Bolivia. There, he organized peasants and laborers and ignited the revolution against the  imperialist government of Bolovia. The government of Bolivia in association with US wanted to end the revolution forcibly. After the revolution in Cuba, Che was already recognized as an important obstacle to US. And they wanted to capture him at any cost.

“I am much more valuable to you alive than dead” . The body of Argentine-born guerrilla leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara is displayed in the village of Vallegrande, Bolivia, on Oct. 10, 1967. / Image source : Marc Hutten/AFP/Getty Images

On October 8, 1967 Che was captured by Bolovian-US forces and on October 9th he was executed. And his body was put for showcase in front of world media to proof the greatness (brutality)of US.

Che was killed at the  age of 39. But he is iconized as a romantic figure who fought and died for his beliefs. His name exists  synonymous with revolution and socialism. His legacy is  widespread around the world and still keeps inspiring generations.


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