Kerala Floods Bring Out the Best in the Community as Fishermen Turn Saviours

Kerala floods have led to the deaths of more than 100 individuals in a day itself and several people remain stranded in remote locations.


Kerala floods have led to the deaths of more than 100 individuals in a day itself and several people remain stranded in remote locations. While rescue teams and local fishermen pool in their efforts to save lives, we urge our readers to see the possibility of humanity in dark times.

The New Leam Staff

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More than 100 people have lost their lives. Image Source : Twitter

The Kerala floods are displaying before the world what natural calamities can do. As television channels and newspapers are full of reports from Kerala where the water level refuses to cone down and men and women find it hard to stay alive- we wonder what it means to the people of Kerala to wait helplessly in houses almost drowned in water or in relief camps where food and water are scanty.

Every year several states of India whether we talk about Bengal, Orissa, Bihar or Kerala are flooded during the monsoon, several people lose their homes, lives and property- it has become a yearly ritual and there seems to be little that captures our critical thought. But what really is the nation-state doing to ensure that such natural calamities are not aggravated by developmental projects that hider the very course of nature? What lessons do we learn and refuse to learn each time we discover that natural wrath will always overpower human ego? The state of Kerala has received an excess of rainfall this year and this has caused the situation of floods. 37.5% excess rainfall in just two months has meant that the state has had no time to deal with the situation. The rainfall has been continuous and unlike before the short duration of time between rainfall spells has led to water accumulation.

Yesterday itself more than 100 people have lost their lives in Kerala as reported by the State Disaster Management Team. The operations to ensure that even people in the most remote places are rescued are going on but sadly it has not been able to do much about the fact that the death toll for yesterday itself has become 100.

The relief camps are full of people whose homes have been victim to floods and these relief camps are receiving aid from both the government and the community. Several more helicopters and more boats will be sent to Kerala today to ensure that the rescue operations save as many people as possible.

More than 3,000 people were rescued from Ernakulam and Pathanamthitta districts yesterday. Local fishermen from the community have also joined the rescue mission bringing their boats to help in the evacuation of the stranded people in various places in Aluva, Kalady, Perumbavoor, Muvattupuzha and Chalakudy.

The initiative taken by local fishermen is commendable because it reminds us that even in the most difficult hour, humanity can come alive. The poor, the resource less make sure to go out of their own capacities and help others.

Is this not a beautiful ode to the very spirit of humanity? We all must contribute to the efforts. We pray and urge all members of our community to donate and share their resources generously with those suffering in Kerala.

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