Manipur University Havoc: NHRC Intervenes



The Manipur University has been undergoing turmoil for several months now resulting in immense disillusionment and discontent among faculty and students.

The New Leam Staff

Students protesting at Manipur University

National Human Rights Commission of India has intervened in the unrest going on at Manipur University for the past few weeks over the mid-night raid conducted at the boys’ hostel on September 20 and the arrest of more than 90 students from the campus. NHRC has now asked the state government to submit a report on the issue within four weeks. NHRC has further warned the state authorities for taking coercive steps like personal appearance if the matter is not reported to them timely.

Not only were 90 students arrested from their hostels but later on 17 more students were arrested as they were protesting in the university next to the administrative block demanding the release of their fellow arrested students.

University authorities carried out the undeclared raids at midnight on 20th September after the Pro-Vice-Chancellor filled an FIR against the students for mishandling, right after when the university Students were observing a strike against the vice-chancellor charging him of mismanagement and financial irregularities. University authorities raided the hostel rooms of the students and arrested students some of whom belonged to the Student Union and further detained many other students.

Following the raid a confrontation broke out between the university officials and the students in which the police used tear gas and mock bombs to control the situation. Police detained and arrested students and professors leading to more anguish amongst the students.

On Thursday, October 11, the High Court of the state suspended K Yugindro Singh and M Shyamkesho, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Registrar respectively from their positions, appointing former Chief Secretary of Manipur Jarnail Singh as the interim VC of Manipur University.

The university officials claim that the raid was to check whether the students residing on campus are official students or not and after the clash broke out during the raid, VC complained against the students who were damaging the university property and vehicles on the campus. But students deny all these allegations and assert the fact that they were picked up from their hostels individually on no proven evidence.

Manipur University has been observing rigorous strikes over the last few months demanding the resignation of their Vice-Chancellor Adya Prasad Pandey, alleging him of misuse of funds and mismanagement of the university, the strike led to non-functioning of classes in the university for over a month after which an MOU was signed between Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the Manipur University to send the Vice-Chancellor on leave to avoid any further law and order problem.

Following AP Pandey, official duties of the university were carried forward under the authority of Pro-Vice Chancellor K.Yougindra whose accusation in the mid-night raid has led to his suspension. The matter is with the National Human Rights Commission which has intervened after watching over the dispute not reaching a mutual resolve for over a period now.  


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