Kerala Burns in Scorching Summer: State Government to take Action

Increasing cases of sunstroke and sunburn have engulfed the state of Kerala in a problem that has no easy solutions but far reaching implications.

Increasing cases of sunstroke and sunburn have engulfed the state of Kerala in a problem that has no easy solutions but far reaching implications.  

The New Leam Staff

Kerala Burns in Scorching Summer / Representational Image

The Health Department of Kerala has reported that there are 288 cases of sunburn/ sunstroke reported in the state since March 1. According to the report 102 cases of sunburn and sunstroke were recorded on Wednesday itself. In the last one week an approximate case of 4 deaths due to sunstroke have been reported in the state.

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The state health department has issued health warning across the state. They have asked the public if not required they (public) should remain indoors during the peak hours from 11am to 3 pm.
Laborers and workers working on the field are asked to stay indoors in between work and during day time.

The health department has made it clear that mercury would continue to dip for another week. With no signs of rainfall the temperature will continue to soar in the state. Maximum temperature has touched up to 40 degree Celsius in Pallakad till now. There are chances of light thunderstorm and rain but a week after.

The state government of Kerala is known for its humanist approach towards the people of the state. Keeping in mind the rising temperature the government of Kerala came up with a new policy under the Minimum Wages Act, 1958.

As per the ordinance it is now mandatory for contractors to provide an afternoon period of rest to all the laborers and workers working in the state. The state has fixed the time period from 12pm to 3pm in the day for the month of February to April such that minimum exposure with sun takes place. This policy of the government was released after visible changes were mapped due to the growing issue of global warming and climate. This move of the government was also appreciated by people across government and party divisions.

Considering the dipping mercury level and very little speculations of rainfall, the state government is worried about an epidemic that can possibly occur. Henceforth they are gearing up for all the best preventive measures they could adopt.

The problem indicates at the fact that in the coming few months the situation may worsen in Kerala and the state may face many such cases of sun inflicted disorder. 

The steps and measures that the Kerala government will take are likely to inspire other states to take up preventive measures this summer to ensure that the least number of causalities unfold.

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