PM Narendra Modi Launches ‘Fit India Movement’

While the nation celebrates National Sports Day marking Major Dhyan Chand’s birth anniversary, PM Narendra Modi launches Fit India Movement at Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a nation-wide campaign named “Fit India Movement” commemorating the National Sports Day, which is been celebrated every year in memory of India’s greatest hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. The launch of the movement comes in the light of the increasing incidences of ailments in the country, affecting more and more young people in the country.

“Today, many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension are increasing in India. Look around you, you will find many people suffering from them. Earlier we used to hear that the risk of heart attack increases after the age of 50-60, now the youth of 35-40 years are having heart attack,” PM Modi said in today’s speech.

“There are diseases that can be overcome by making small changes in your lifestyle. The name to inspire the country for these changes is #FitIndiaMovement,” he added.

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Paying his tributes to the hockey legend, he also emphasised upon the significance and role of sports in achieving fitness and a healthy body. Also, reaching out to the youngsters, he added, “The relationship of success and fitness is also interlinked. Take any field today, look at your icons, see their success stories, whether they are in sports, films, business, most of them are fit. This is not just a coincidence. If you read about their lifestyle, you will find that one such thing is common in every such person. Common character of successful people is their focus on fitness.”

Finally, talking about the future of the movement, PM Modi, stressed on the role and active support of the people in keeping the movement going as well as making it reach its objective of making India healthy and fit. “Even though the government has began the Fit India Movement, all of you have to lead it The people of the country will carry forward this campaign and will reach the height of success. I can say from my personal experiences that there is Investment Zero in it, but the returns are unlimited,’’ he said.

To look into its working and advise on the campaign, the government has formed a committee comprising government officials, members of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), national sports federations, private bodies and fitness promoters. The 28-member committee, which will be under the chairmanship of sports minister Kiren Rijiju, includes 12 members from the government, including secretaries of Sports, Secondary Education, Ayush, Youth Affairs among others.


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