BOOK RELEASE / Discussion on Earth’s Survival Crisis and the Release of Five Books by Veteran Journalist-Activist Bharat Dogra

Several eminent scientists have been increasingly drawing attention to very serious threats posed by a wide range of very serious problems led by but not confined to climate change. These environmental problems along with weapons of mass destruction together constitute an unprecedented survival crisis for all life-forms on earth.

At an event organized by the Institute of Social Sciences on November 18 in its auditorium in Delhi, its Director Ash Narain Roy said that this is one of the most critical issues of our times and journalist-author Bharat Dogra has done well to initiate the Campaign for Saving Earth Now for giving top priority to resolving the survival crisis. Dr. George Mathew said that five books have been written by Bharat Dogra as the base for this campaign will play an important role in preparing awareness about this. Former Panchayati Raj Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar emphasized the key role of panchayats and gram sabhas in meeting the various challenges relating to climate change.Bharat Dogra said that many eminent persons and organizations have endorsed the campaign  for declaring the decade of 2020-30 as ‘Save the Earth Decade’ at the world level. He said that this is a completely non-funded campaign and any citizen who believes in this can contribute in his/her own way.On this occasion five books written by him on the issue were released. These are Planet in Peril, Protecting Earth for Children, Earth Beyond Borders, Man Over Machine and also a Hindi book Dharti Ki  Raksha Ke Liye Nirnayak Hoga Agla Dashak.

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