Exempted in Irrigation Scam Case, Ajit Pawar’s Cross Over to the BJP Seems Fruitful

Ajit Pawar’s dramatic shift of sides enabled him to get clean chit for alleged irrigation scam involvement.

We recently saw a marathon of meetings take place in Maharashtra as a series of  deliberations took place over the formation of the new government in the state. The events showed a dramatic character where things were changing quite abruptly and to the utter surprise of citizens. 

BJP leader and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as the CM yet again in the early hours of November 23. On Monday, the Supreme Court heard the petitions filed by the opposition for an immediate floor test to be conducted in the state. After hearing the petitions, the SC reserved its judgement till 10.30 AM on Tuesday following a series of arguments by the Shiv Sena, NCP, Ajit Pawar and the Centre.

The joint group of NCP, Congress and the Shiv Sena had filed a petition following Governor Koshiyari’s decision to revoke President’s rule in the state and invite the BJP to form government. 

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Until the night of November 23, we knew that it would be Uddhav Thackery who would be sworn in as the new CM of the state but after what indeed was the dark night, the game totally changed.

It is also interesting to note that prior to the Maharashtra elections, Devendra Fadnavis had said that Ajit Pawar would land into jail once he came to power due to his alleged involvement in many scams. But now it will be interesting to see what he decides in this matter since Ajit Pawar has comfortably walked into the BJP.

 Investigation has already been closed into some of the cases linked to the irrigation scam in which he is one of the prime accused. Maharashtra Anti- Corruption Bureau has said that none of the cases to which Ajit Pawar was linked has been closed and that this was indeed a routine process but  the riming of the scrutiny and the quick decision with respect to these cases had set off a bus in the middle of a controversy after the BJP turned the tables on the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress. 

Ajit Pawar has been accused by the critics of crossing over to the BJP to save himself from criminal cases.

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