Mandi House to Parliament: A March for “Affordable” Public Education

Hundreds of students, teachers and activists marched to Parliament to ask for an affordable public education infrastructure.

Hundreds of people marched onto the streets of Delhi in support of the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University who have been protesting against the hostel and mess fee hike introduced on campus for quite sometime now. 

The protest attracted members of the civil society, activists, non-governmental agencies and think tanks, students from various public universities and of course the students and alumnus of J.N.U. They collectively raised slogans and asked for an immediate rollback of the fee hike and drew the government’s attention to making public education “affordable to all.” The protest against the hostel and mess fee hike has been going on in J.N.U. for the last ten days and thus the support and participation of civil society bodies outside the campus, added both to the power as well as the character of the movement started by the students studying at J.N.U.

Hundreds of students, teachers and activists marched to Parliament.

The protesters gathered at the Mandi House and started marching towards the Parliament in the presence of a huge police force. The police had blocked all the roads leading to Connaught Place in order to prevent traffic congestions. 

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The students’ groups that took part in the march included SFI,KYS,AISF and NSUI among various other groups. Workers of Rashtriya Janta Dal and Dalit group Bhim Army also took part in the protest.

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