Manipur Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Bill

A complete shutdown called by MANPAC and NEFIP has led to a total standstill in Manipur.

The people of Nagaland have come together in large numbers to protest against the citizenship bill that is being imposed upon the state. In Nagaland, the North East Forum for Indigenous People(NEFIP)gave call to an 18-hour long band till Wednesday afternoon.As a result of the shutdown, Manipur and Nagaland have witnessed a complete standstill for the last couple of hours.

The bandh has been organised to o[pose the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which in highest possibility will be introduced during the next session of the Parliament. The normal life in both Manipur and Nagaland has been heavily hit by the ongoing protests and business establishments throughout the states have largely remained difunctional. Despite the fact that the state issued a warning that disciplinary action will be taken against all those who did not report attendance to educational institutions and government run offices for taking part in the demonstrations- the band saw widespread participation from people from all walks of life. The government institutions saw a very low attendance as a large number of people have been on the streets protesting since the last couple of hours.

In Nagaland, the North East Forum for Indigenous People(NEFIP) gave an 18-hour long call for a total Nagaland band until Wednesday afternoon. The forum said that they had submitted a memorandum to PM Modi about three months ago seeking a withdrawal of the bill. But they complain that they have not received any positive response from the Centre and no positive legislative members have been taken towards listening to them. The bill that they are opposing seeks to grant Indian Citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi Christian refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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