Suspense over Maharashtra Government Formation Continues…

Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi meets important leaders to discuss alliance possibility in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is still in a flux as the new government is yet to be formed even several weeks after the results of the assembly elections were announced. Presently, the Shiv Sena is busy in conducting talks with the Congress and the NCP to see if it can become possible for it to form an alliance and make the next government in Maharashtra. 

Meanwhile as the negotiations in Maharashtra are in full swing, the Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi chaired a meeting with senior part leaders Mallikarjun Karge, AK Antony and Ahmed Patel at her residence in New Delhi. The meeting came a day after she held a discussion with the NCP chief Sharad Pawar. The Shiv-Sena has said that meanwhile it will uproot its long-time ally BJP for having challenged the Uddhav Thackery led party.

Sources have revealed that a power sharing deal has been finalised between the Shiv-Sena and the Congress-NCP to end the political uncertainty that has clouded any clarity within the state. It is being said that the Shiv-Sena chief Uddhav Thackery will be at the helm of affairs and there will be no rotation of chief ministership in the state. There would be two Deputy Chief Ministers, one each from the Congress and the NCP and the Speaker’s post will be decided by both the parties. The three are all set up to set up a non-BJP government in Maharashtra. It is hoped that after a prolonged turmoil the state will now be able to have a government of its own.

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