Curfew Doesn’t Dilute the Spirit of Protestors Against the CAB

Protests Continue in Guwahati against the Citizenship(Amendment) Bill as protestors defy curfew.

Guwahati has been at the epicentre of protests against the Citizenship (Amendment)Bill. People throughout the state of Assam have been coming out in large numbers on the streets to stage their protest against the controversial bill that has now gained the approval of both the Houses and will soon be implemented across the length and the breadth of the whole country. 

The angry and disillusioned people of the state have defied an indefinite curfew that was imposed in the state in the aftermath of the Bill’s passage. The Army was called in at four places and Assam Rifles personnel were deployed in Tripura on Wednesday as the two north-eastern states plunged into a great chaos over the hugely emotive Citizenship( Amendment)Bill. 

The Assam Student’s Union has even gone ahead to call a protest at 11 am in Guwahati. The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti appealed to the people to be present on the road for taking part in the protest.  

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People were present in the protests that were held even during the night hours. The Army conducted flag marches in different parts of the city on Thursday morning. Vehicles are stranded in various cities throughout Assam due to the massive blockade that the state was experiencing. Many vehicles were even set ablaze during the protests. The houses of BJP and AGP leaders were attacked in various parts of the state.

The curfew will continue to be imposed upon the city unless further orders are issued. The authorities say that they are monitoring the issues at hand quite vigilantly and ensuring that the law and order situation in the state remains under control.

Curfew had been imposed in Dibrugarh for an indefinite period of the protestors targeted the house of  the CM of Assam.

Tens of thousands of professors came out to the streets of Assam in protest of the Bill and clashes between the police and the protestors marked the day. 

The extent and magnitude of the violent protests was so great that the situation could have easily gone out of hand.

The state of Assam has been on boil since the CAB was first tabled in the Lok Sabha. The Bill is seen to be controversial because it seeks to provide citizenship to non-muslim migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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