DU Teachers Protest Job Loss, Demand Absorption

DU Ad-hoc teachers demand absorption into faculty and raise issues surrounding job security.

The Delhi University is experiencing massive protests as Ad Hoc teachers are coming out in large numbers and demanding complete absorption. The ongoing protests in Delhi University are among the latest to jolt institutions of higher education in the country. The concerns that are being raised by the Ad-hoc teachers of the university have raised various demands primarily around job security concerns.

In other institutes such as Uttarakhand Ayurveda University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, student groups have been protesting against the rapid hike in fees. 

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It was on Wednesday morning the Centre decided to deploy paramilitary and police forces in the university along with a large number of water cannons. 

The police and the paramilitary witnessed the march of more than 5,000 members of the DUTA who gheraoed the office of VC Yogesh k Tyagi. 

The teachers undertook a peaceful protest holding banners and raising slogans demanding the withdrawal of a letter circulated by the administration.

On August 28, the VC had circulated a letter to the DU Principal’s Association saying that Ad-hoc teachers will no longer be appointed as faculty members. Instead there would be the appointment of guest lecturers who would get their payment on an hourly bases. The DUTA got to know of this circular after it was leaked on social media.

The teachers who have begun the protest against the move feel that it is nothing but an attempt to jeopardise the Ad-hoc community and make their plight terrible. 

They also feel that while the letter spoke of halting new appointments, the principals have instead threatened to move and terminate the existing Ad-hoc teachers.

Under the existing rules of the university, Ad-hoc teachers are appointed for a period of four months after which to renew or not renew their contracts is decided by the administration.

The members of the DUTA stood in solidarity with the ongoing protest and say that the struggle of these Ad-hoc teachers would continue until and unless the letter is completely taken back.

The JNUSU and the JNUTA have extended solidarity with the DUTA.

The teachers in DU have boycotted invigilation duty and have called for a total shutdown in the barricaded area surrounding the VC’s office. There has been no response from the side of the VC so far. Among the other issues that the teachers raised were the release of pensions of retired teachers, effective rules towards promotion etc. 

The teachers have pledged that unless the Ad-hoc teachers are completely absorbed as permanent staff, they would not conclude their strike.

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