Speedy Justice or Extra-Judicial Killing: the Debate over Police Encounter of Accused in Hyderabad Rape-Murder Case

All the four accused in the rape and murder of veterinary doctor in Telangana have been killed in a police encounter.

In a sensational new development to the case of a young veterinary doctor’s rape and subsequent murder in  Hyderabad, the prime accused in the case have been gunned down by the police. The accused were gunned down during an encounter with the Cyberabad police of Hyderabad in the wee hours of the day. 

The accused were killed at the Chatanpally area in Mahabubnagar district, where the victim was earlier set ablaze by the accused.

Police sources have claimed that the four accused tried to escape while the crime scene was being reconstructed and were killed in an encounter. 

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The four accused in this case where Mohammad Areef, Naveen, Shiva and Chennakesavulu. The encounter took place just a few meters away from whether the veterinary doctor was set ablaze. 

All the four men were lorry workers and aged between 20-24 years. They were arrested on November 29 on charges of raping and killing the Hyderabad veterinary doctor. 

They had been sent to judicial custody for a fourteen day period last Saturday.

The Telangana government made a fast track court to try the four accused at a speedy scale. The government has then designated the court of additional district and sessions judge in Mahabubnagar district as special court for the speedy trial.

The Hyderabad veterinary doctor’s brutal rape and murder have created a nationwide outrace and people throughout the country had been asking for a speedy justice and demanding that the accused should be killed or lynched.

After the news of the death of the four accused in the Telangana  doctor’s rape and murder during an encounter with the police emerged on the national scale, the victim’s family, lawyers and activists took to social media to express their reactions on the issue.

Uttar Pradesh Police Must Learn Lessons From Hyderabad Police 

BSP President Mayawati went on to praise the Hyderabad Police and said that although things like this happened in her home state of Uttar Pradesh almost every day, the police of the state wasn’t as active as that in Telangana. She also asked the state police of UP to take inspiration from the Hyderabad police and become more strict against culprits in such cases. She added that Bothe UP and the Delhi Police must learn from the Hyderabad police.

Unlike Nirbhaya Case, Hyderabad Victim Received Speedy Justice 

Nirbhaya’s father welcomed the encounter by the police of Hyderabad and said that unlike their’s, the family of the Hyderabad veterinary victim’s family has attained speedy justice, He appreciates the police for its prompt response.

Say No To Extra-Judicial Killings 

-Congress MP Shashi Tharoor sounded a word of caution and said that in no case can the country accept extra-judicial killings. He said that although the criminals were armed, the police may have waited for a proper judicial enquiry and for justice to come through the right procedural strategy. He also said that extra-judicial killings couldn’t be accepted.

Victim’s Family Appreciates Police Encounter of Four Accused 

The Hyderabad victim’s family is very happy with the justice that was being met out to them by the police encounter. They feel that what the police did is right and that such an action by the police will deter other people from perpetrating such crimes against women. They have commended the police for such speedy justice.

Unaccountable Killings Can’t Be Tolerated 

Lawyer Vrinda Grover has said that the encounter killing of all the four accused goes against the very principles of a nation that is premised on law. She said that such a killing was totally unacceptable and said that there must be accountability. She condemned this arbitrary violence and said that there must be an independent judicial enquiry into this encounter. And said that the police must be held accountable. 


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