“Will Protests Until NRC, CAA are rolled Back” Says Mamata Banerjee

CM Mamata Banerjee organised a massive protest demonstration against the CAB in Kolkata.

WEST BENGAL | The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee is spearheading a massive protest against the new citizenship law that was recently passed in both the Houses of the Parliament. She is leading a march against the CAB with thousands of protestors, political leaders and ordinary citizens througout the heart of Kolkata. 

Mamata Banrejee’s march against the CAB was started from the BR Ambedkar statue on Red Road and culminated at the Jorasako Thakurbari. The march has been called unconstitutional by Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhakar, who is known to have tense relations with the CM.

The Governor of West Bengal tweeted, “I am extremely anguished that CM and Ministers are to spearhead rally against CAA, the law of the land. This is unconstitutional. I call upon CM to desist from this unconstitutional and inflammatory act at this juncture and devote to retrieve the from situation.”

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CM Mamata Banerjee had asked people to come out in large numbers against the “unconstitutional” citizenship act.

CM Mamata Banerjee tweeted, “A mega rally will begin at 1 pm near the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar on Red Road and end at Jorasanko Thakurbari. Come, let us all, every section of society, join this people’s movement in a peaceful manner within the ambit of law.”

The CM has also planned similar marches across the week and underlined her fierce opposition against the new citizenship law.

She has also said that she will not allow the implementation of the law in West Bengal at any cost. It has opened yet another conflict point between the CM and the BJP in the one-upmanship ahead of the Bengal polls scheduled in 2021. The new citizenship law proposes to give Indian citizenship to non-Muslims who have escaped religious persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and entered India before 2014.

She also summoned the Chief Secretary and police chief to discuss the situation.On Sunday amid severe protests across the state, internet connectivity was suspended temporarily.

Mr. Dhankar described the situation in Bengal as “seriously compromising” the value of the constitution and called the developments in the state to be highly disturbing.

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