Delhi Police Files FIR Against JNUSU President for Vandalism

After major crackdown in JNU, Delhi Police files FIR against JNUSU President and 19 others.

In a latest new development to the JNU row, FIRs have been filed by the Delhi Police against the JNUSU President and nineteen others.

Police officials have notified that the Delhi Police has registered two FIRs against the JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh and nineteen others for allegedly attacking security guards on the campus and vandalising a server room on January 4 at 1 pm inside the university campus. The police have notified that the FIRs have ben registered based on the complaint that had been filed by the JNU administration on January 5. A complaint was lodged on January 3 for having allegedly switched off the server while the next complaint was registered on January 4 for vandalising the university’s server room, according to a statement of the police.

It was on the evening of January 5 that a massive crackdown took place inside the university premises where a number of masked people entered the campus and launched a violent attack on the students. It was during this attack that JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh suffered head injuries along with several other students. The police have also registered an FIR against unknown persons for rioting, but no arrests were made. JNUSU VP Saket Moon has issued a statement and alleged that the JNU administration was engaged in the selective targeting of students and that they were not involved in any kind of vandalism. The students of the university have been engaged in an ongoing tussle with the administration which has been going on for several months now. The administration’s attempts to facilitate the registration process in the new semester through both online as well as offline modes failed miserably in recent weeks as the students continued to boycott the registration and refrained from all kinds of regular academic activities on the campus. With the crackdown and the filing of FIRs against the students, the coming days may see an even more tense and sensitive situation on the campus.

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