Pakistan PM Imran Khan Says “This is not the India of Nehru and Gandhi”

Pakistan PM Imran Khan asserts that if the international community doesn’t take note of the situation in India, it would lead to a great crisis as Indian Muslims would be compelled to take refuge in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has warned that Pakistan may soon be faced with another refugee crisis if the international community doesn’t build pressure on India to take notice of the current situation there. 

He was addressing a two-day refugee conference in Islamabad, where the event was in commemoration of the 40 years of hosting Afghan refugees in Pakistan. 

He said that Pakistan may soon have to face another refugee crisis if the international community doesn’t compel India to take note of the situation there. He said that India’s ‘ultranationalist policy’ needed to be checked and without this there would be destruction and the whole region could become a flashpoint.

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He said that the situation in India was volatile and that if things continued as they were in the present ,then Pakistan would have another refugee crisis because the Muslims of India would be compelled to come to Pakistan.

Imran Khan said, “This is not the India of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. The United Nations(UN)must play a role otherwise it will become a very big problem in the future.”

He also critiqued PM Modi’s statement about India’s capability to destroy Pakistan within 11 days and said that the statement was irresponsible and that he condemned such a statement.

Khan made the statement in the presence of the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres who was also attending the summit.

Imran Khan said, “Because of the Hindutva ideology, Kashmiris have been locked down for over 200 days.” He alleged that under the same ideology, the BJP led government passed two discriminatory legislations, targeting 200million Muslims of India. Khan was making a reference to the CAA and the revocation of the special status enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s new citizenship law was passed in Parliament in December 2019 and allots citizenship to non-Muslim persecuted minorities from Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The Indian government has maintained that the CAA is an internal matter and stressed that the purpose of the CAA was to protect the oppressed minorities of neighbouring countries. India has also ruled out the viability of any third party mediation in the Jammu and Kashmir matter and maintained that its India’s own matter.

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