Pro-Peace Protest at Jantar Mantar After Dark Night of violence in Northeastern Delhi 

After a violent outbreak in the northeastern parts of Delhi which led to the deaths of more than 27 people and injured over 250 others, citizens came together at Jantar Mantar to demand the restoration of peace in the Capital.

Over the last couple of days the Capital saw severe clashes and communal frenzy take a violent turn as Pro-CAA and Anti-Anti-CAA protestors engaged in severe conflict in the northeastern parts of Delhi. 

The northeastern parts of Delhi were severely hit by the clashes and several people lost their lives and many more were brutally injured. 

While the tensions amplified in the north-eastern parts of Delhi, several concerned citizens from different walks of life gathered at Jantar Mantar to make an appeal for peace in Delhi. 

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The peace rally saw the participation and appeal of hundreds of concerned citizens who emphasised the need of restoring peace in these hard times and the need for us all to work towards peace and brotherhood. 

There were peace songs and poetry, banners against the violence and an appeal for all to work in harmony and togetherness in riot hit northeastern Delhi. 

Many of those present at the rally looked terribly shocked after what had unfolded over the weekend and condemned the government inaction and the lack of adequate measures by the police. 

The two days of communal mayhem led to the deaths of at least 24 people and injured hundreds of others. 

What started off as a clash between pro and anti CAA protestors slowly took a communal turn and brought mayhem for the people. Throughout the protest there were constant appeals for people-especially doctors and lawyers to come forward, volunteer and help out the in need. Appeals were also made to contribute medicines, arrange for transportation and accommodation for the victims of the riots. 

Activist Kavita Krishnan who was also one of the organisers of the assembly said, “We all need to come out and do everything possible to curb the spread of fear and hatred among the people. This is the need of the hour. It can be anything, you can reach out to people in your mohalla, go to their homes and spread the message of peace, don’t think this is a small thing… it would go a long way in ensuring that there is no more hate around us.” 

Various eminent personalities from different walks of life including historian Sohail Hashmi, senior advocate Vrinda Grover, theatre activist MK Raina, Medha Patkar also took part in the protest.

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