Art Lover’s Paradise:61st National Art Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy

The 61st Art Exhibition in Delhi displays a wide array of artworks ranging from paintings, sculptures to photographs and drawings.

The Capital is currently hosting an artistically curated, imaginatively designed and rich art exhibition at the Lalit Kala Academy.The exhibition is entitled, “61st National Exhibition of Art 2019-20”.

The exhibition will be on from March 4-22.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel. The exhibition has on display various artworks selected by a jury panel.

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The main objective of this art exhibition was to cover a broad range of artworks across mediums such as paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, drawings, installations and multimedia. 


What enchants one about the exhibition is the fact that it allows artists to express themselves in a wide variety of ways and does not restrict them to any one particular medium. 

This elasticity and flexibility allow the audience an exposure to artistic media and diverse sensibilities of the artist. With their high degrees of originally, compositional genius and ingenuity these pieces of art were really captivating, engaging and immensely powerful.

The themes chosen by the various participating artists originated from a wide range of issues such as everyday realities, the long lost memories of childhood, modernity and urbanism, experiences and personal narratives among a host of other themes. While it is true that the interpretation of a piece of art is a matter of pure subjectivity and two people may decipher completely different meanings from the same piece of art, what cannot be denied is the fact that a visit to an art exhibition like this one is a truly enriching one.

In times of darkness and political disharmony and at a moment in our cultural trajectory where we seem to have been systematically distanced from high quality, deep and profound forms of entertainment as the noisy entertainment industry has clouded our imagination, a visit to the 61st National Exhibition of Art at the Lalit Kala Academy is truly worth our time. 

The exhibition reminds once more that artists are the true visionaries of our society and look at the world with an awareness and sensitivity that is both rare and miraculous at the same time. One cannot help but be amused at the artistic stretch of imagination and the originality of these pieces of art and the artists who have spent months to create these masterpieces. 

These paintings take us to a higher realm of imagination.However it is indeed sad that although there are people who wish to be enchanted by these subtle and profound paintings and therefore make very effort to visit these art exhibitions, it is evident that the average mass culture has killed our creativity and sensitivity. Many of us have begun to prefer noisy/vulgar entertainment over subtle/profound artistic creations. Perhaps this is what makes these art exhibitions all the more important in our times. Therefore a visit to the 61st Art Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy is a must visit for all art lovers!

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