Shaheen Bagh Protest Cleared as Part of Coronavirus Lockdown

The anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh has been cleared amid coronavirus pandemic.

The governments of various states in India are announcing lockdowns in order to contain and control the spread of coronavirus. Delhi is tightening curbs on the assembly and movement of people in the wake of coronavirus. It is to further this cause that the police has gone ahead ad cleared the protest at Shaheen Bagh. This unique sit-in protest had been going on in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh against the contentious CAA for the last 100 days.

The police said that the violators had been detained after the protestors were told that they must clear the area in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that has been imposed. 

When some of the protestors refused to move away, the had to be detained by the police for the site to be cleared. Nine people including six women have been detained so far.

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In Delhi, Section 144 has been imposed after the Arvind Kejriwal government announced the lockdown as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus. Last week, a protest going on outside Jamia had also been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The police has dismantled the stage, removed the posters, taken down the map of India and pulled down the India Gate artwork that was present at the site, according to the people who had been taking part in the protest at Shaheen Bagh. 

The discussions about ending the Shaheen Bagh protest in wake of the spread of coronavirus had been going on for quite sometime because of the spread of the coronavirus but last week the protestors had decided that they would comply with the CM’s order and limit the gathering at Shaheen Bagh to 50. However, by the evening hundreds of protestors had gathered at the protest site. Later, the women began to sit in small numbers and the elderly and the children were removed from the site. 

The protest site was sanitised and sanitisers and face masks were made available to all. But the police finally decided to put a total end to the Shaheen Bagh protest in light of the coronavirus. Similarly, protests were ended at Jamia University, Jaffrabad and Turkman Gat on Tuesday morning and some people were detained.


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