Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Juhi Chawla’s Lawsuit Against 5G Refreshes the Debate on Adverse Impact of Mobile Radiation

Actress Juhi Chawla’s recent lawsuit against the rollout of 5G in India refreshes the debate on its possible harmful impact on life on the planet.

An expert in nonverbal communication watched the Trump-Biden debate with the sound turned down – here’s what he saw

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met on Oct. 22 for the final debate in the 2020 election and, like the...

Harris and Pence dodge tough questions in VP debate – experts react

  Vice presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Mike Pence sat far apart and separated by plexiglass for the only 2020 vice presidential debate, held in...

UN Condemns India Over Coal-based Activities,Igniting Debate on Differential Responsibilities Towards Climate Change

The United Nations has condemned India over the usage of coal based energy resources highlighting the paradoxes, challenges and issues in the debate on climate change.

To Open or to Keep Closed: The Dilemmas and Debates Around Reopening Schools Amid the Pandemic

The question of whether schools should be reopened amid the pandemic is troubling the entire educational community, the article explores the various sides of the debate.

Congress-BJP Lock Horns Over Hate Speech on Facebook After Article in Wall Street Journal Sparks Debate

BJP-Congress lock horns over usage of Facebook to promote content based on hatred and communal/social disharmony.

The Rescue of 35 Children From a Garment Mill in Tamil Nadu Reignites Debate on Child Labour

The coronavirus pandemic has multiplied the instances of child labour, recently over 35 children have been rescued from a garment factory in Tamil Nadu reigniting the debate on prevalence of child labour in the country.

Reviving the ‘Missing Debate’ in the NEP 2020: Managerialism & its Implications for the Practice of Teaching

This article aims to bring to light the missing debate around NEP, highlighting the malaise of managerialism and its impact on teachers and the practice of teaching.

Netflix’s Latest Show Indian Matchmaking Rekindles Debate on Institution of Arranged Marriage in India

Rekindling debate on arranged marriages, new series exposes India’s obsession with superficial indicators.

Facebook’s Inclination to White Supremacy Raises Global Debates Amid Advertiser Boycotts

In a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, three American Democratic lawmakers highlight ingrained xenophobia and anti-white bias on Facebook.

Community/The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Debate Around Work and Play

A young scholar looks at his own life before and during the pandemic in this engaging commentary