Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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    Weekly Debate | Could the Centre Have Avoided Putting Migrant Workers Through Indignity Before Allowing Them to Go Home?

    After five weeks of lockdown, the MHA has allowed the movement of stranded migrant workers by specialised ‘Shramik’ trains. The debate is live on The New Leam. Join the debate – email  thenewleam@gmail.com

    Centre’s Preferential Bias to Sanskrit and the Revival of the Language Debate in Indian Politics 

    Allegations about the Centre giving preferential treatment to Sanskrit have once again been highlighted by the news of its spending 22 times more on the promotion of the language compared to the other five classical languages of India.

    PM Modi Wants ‘Good Debates’ on Economy this Budget Session

    Speaking ahead of the Budget Session in Parliament, PM Narendra Modi said he is looking forward to 'good debates' in both the Houses of the Parliament

    Speedy Justice or Extra-Judicial Killing: the Debate over Police Encounter of Accused in Hyderabad Rape-Murder Case

    All the four accused in the rape and murder of veterinary doctor in Telangana have been killed in a police encounter.

    Not Just Religious, the Ecological Debate Over Sabrimala Temple

    Rampant illegal construction and building projects at the banks of the Pamba River near Sabrimala Temple, Kerala have led to the fast decay of ecological balance and damaged the ecosystem drastically.

    Protests to Save Mumbai’s Aarey Forest Continues Amid Conservation- Development Debate

    Residents of Mumbai have been protesting against the rapid decay and damage caused to the Aarey forest.

    Sexism, Misogyny and the Debunking of an Informed Political Debate this Election Season

    Sexism inherent in Indian politics demeans and puts down women, recent attacks on politicians like Atishi Marlena from AAP point toward the deterioration in Indian politics.

    When ‘Tampered’ EVMs Lead to a ‘Tampered’ Democracy: Syed Shuja Revives Age-Old Debate

    Controversial allegations by Syed Shuja about the tampering of EVMs in General Election (2014) have revived the debate about the credibility of EVMs and the possibility of political manipulation.

    The Body as a Site for Politics: Sabarimala Raises Questions on Faith versus Civility Debate

    SABRIMALA ISSUE The Sabarimala issue raises important question regarding women’s dignity and their right to worship as a constitutional right.


    Hany Babu, Safoora Zagar and Our Times

    Is it possible to overcome all sorts of sectarianism, come together as dialogic teachers, and remind the state of the need for a dialogue with the creative dissenters?

    Understanding the NEP 2020 in the Context of School Education Policy in India

    This article takes an introductory look at the NPE 2020 in the wider context of school education policy-making in India.

    Politico-Cultural Racism in America is Consuming its Social Fabric and Decaying its Progressive Ethos

    The rage, desperation, and determination which continue to bring tens of thousands of Americans to the streets in protest against racism and injustice hopefully...

    If a University Could Speak

    The UGC insists on conducting final year examinations amid the pandemic, what is the teaching-learning community thinking on this issue?

    The Irresistible Virus and the Road to Sanity

    As the coronavirus has severely wounded our mental landscape, the question arises whether it is still possible to retain our sanity and live gracefully.