Monday, July 4, 2022
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Walking with Karl Marx

In this remarkably perceptive article, the author has inspired us to feel and see the legacy of Karl Marx, and its continual relevance.

Talking tales: once upon a time small was beautiful

The genre of literary writing for children is perhaps the most challenging as well as the most fulfilling for the creative mind. In the piece that follows we undertake a journey to the far off land of imagination, creativity and a world filled with memories of a time when we were little children.


CELEBRATING WORLD BOOK DAY  On the occasion of World Book Day(23rd April) The New Leam Team commemorates the art of reading and encourages children, adolescents and...

Sujoy Ghosh’s Netflix Series ‘Typewriter’ Fails to Impress

Sujoy Ghosh’s horror based Netflix se-ries,Typewriter fails to impress despite its di-rector’s known credibility in the field.