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Ananya Pathak

Rethinking Work: Walking With Theoder Adorno By Ananya Pathak

CRITICAL INSIGHT  Rethinking Work: Walking With Theoder Adorno Work is integral to our existence and it gives one a sense of purpose. However when work becomes...

Gender is in Our Minds, Change is in Our Hands By Ananya Pathak

                               Gender is in Our Minds, Change is in Our Hands Can we establish gender equality only with legislations, or do we need to rethink...

Restoring the Lost Wisdom By Ananya Pathak

Restoring the Lost Wisdom   The Little Prince, published in 1943, is French aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery’s most famous novella. Throughout the book, a...

Divasvapna: Dreams Are Not Just Dreams By Ananya Pathak

                           Divasvapna: Dreams Are Not Just Dreams  Gijubhai Badheka (1885-1939) was a great educationist—a dreamer and a practitioner. Divasvapna—a classic—was first published in Gujarati in...

Education as a Tool for Critical Consciousness: Situating Paulo Freire in Contemporary Times ...

Education as a Tool for Critical Consciousness: Situating Paulo Freire in Contemporary Times It is difficult not to be touched by Paulo Freire. His remarkably penetrating...

Time and Timelessness in Varanasi

SOCIETY The holy city of Varanasi is of utmost spiritual significance to devout Hindus because death in Varanasi is considered a blessing. The industry centred on death flourishes in the city, while the river witnesses the desire of tired souls to be free from the shackles of birth and death. Ananya Pathak

Hindus and Muslims Belong Together: Why Our Schools Don’t Understand

At a school in Wazirabad, Hindus and Muslims compose two different sections; amidst an already fractured national consciousness has schooling failed its inclusive purpose? Ananya Pathak

 Bavana Factory Fire: Illegal Enterprises and Weak Enforcement of Labour Laws

The Bawana factory fire has claimed the lives of seventeen workers and has pointed out once again to the rapid culture of lawlessness and lack of security in hazardous production units. However what remains to be seen is whether this would teach us all a lesson or will we continue to turn a blind eye to the crisis? Ananya Pathak

A Fictional History: Imposing Modern Feminism on Kasturba’s Inner World

REVIEW ESSAY Through a critical textual analysis of The Secret Diary of Kasturba by Neelima Dalmia Adhar the author has cautioned us, and argued why a contemporary, radical feminist lens for looking at Mohandas- Kasturba relationship can be problematic. Ananya Pathak

Ecological Disaster in Delhi: Limits to the Myth of Post-Modern Sensibility

Modernity and post-modernity have been major theoretical concepts that have captured our academic intellect but to what extent have we discovered them as lived realities or acquired the courage to challenge these constructs for a more culturally nuanced understanding of the world ? Ananya Pathak

Varsha Das’ ‘Mahila Padh-Likh Le To?’: A Feminist Text, A Humanitarian Cause

Varsha Das’s powerful yet simply articulated text leaves an impact on the mind of the young learner on the importance of women’s education.

Mahatma Gandhi: The Spiritual Environmentalist

Mahatma Gandhi is perhaps one of those thinkers and visionaries whose contributions and articulations on themes as varied and diverse as politics, law and...