Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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    Community/The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Debate Around Work and Play

    A young scholar looks at his own life before and during the pandemic in this engaging commentary

    Reservations in Promotions – Not a Fundamental Right?

    The commentary is a response to the recent Supreme Court judgement on reservation in promotions that challenges the position of reservation in the Constitution making it no longer a right to social justice but a completely discretionary power of the State to grant it.

    The Resurgence of Ed-Tech Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: Implications for an Altered Educational Landscape

    With e-learning becoming the overarching norm amid the pandemic, here is a thorough look at its implications, challenges and dilemmas for our times.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Today’s Movement for Racial Justice

    This is indeed a moment in history when we may acquire the much needed insight and inspiration from Bonhoeffer’s extraordinary life and legacy.

    ‘Righting’ the wrong: Rights of rivers in India

    Over the past few years, courts in India came out with several orders declaring rivers, members of the animal kingdom and lakes as entities granting them rights equivalent to a living person.

    Vidya Balan’s Natkhat is a Powerful Call Out Against Patriarchal Parenting

    Natkhat is a short film starring Vidya Balan. It questions taken for granted patriarchy and the need to rethink parenting for a more gender-sensitive world order.

    Finding the middle ground with the Changpa herders in Ladakh

    Changpa herders of Ladakh share a special relationship with their livestock and the wildlife, especially wolves, that co-occur in these high altitude lands.

    An Insult is Often the Biggest Source of Entertainment

    Here is yet another engaging commentary on how people have been dealing with staying indoors during the quarantine.


    Hany Babu, Safoora Zagar and Our Times

    Is it possible to overcome all sorts of sectarianism, come together as dialogic teachers, and remind the state of the need for a dialogue with the creative dissenters?

    Understanding the NEP 2020 in the Context of School Education Policy in India

    This article takes an introductory look at the NPE 2020 in the wider context of school education policy-making in India.

    Politico-Cultural Racism in America is Consuming its Social Fabric and Decaying its Progressive Ethos

    The rage, desperation, and determination which continue to bring tens of thousands of Americans to the streets in protest against racism and injustice hopefully...

    If a University Could Speak

    The UGC insists on conducting final year examinations amid the pandemic, what is the teaching-learning community thinking on this issue?

    The Irresistible Virus and the Road to Sanity

    As the coronavirus has severely wounded our mental landscape, the question arises whether it is still possible to retain our sanity and live gracefully.