Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Education to Achieve Social Justice and Equality:A commentary on NEP 2020

The following article looks at the NEP 2020 and its potential for generating social justice and equality.

COMMENTARY : Who is Your Daughter, Mother India?

Is a migrant woman from Jharkhand labouring under the burring heat and still humming a lullaby for her infant not beautiful? An old grandmother with a wrinkled face revealing insightful experiences from her days in pre-partition India, not beautiful? Are women like Soni Sori, Medha Patkar who have devoted their lives to the ordinary people of India, not beautiful?

COMMENTARY : World’s 1% Individuals Will Have Two-Third of The Wealth in 2030

In an age where poverty and associated dignity of people irrespective of their economic background is becoming difficult to attain, it has been acknowledged that in the year 2030 world’s 1% population will have two-thirds of the wealth. Growing global inequality has been an issue that nations across the globe are facing.

US schools are not racially integrated, despite decades of effort

Are American schools really tolerant of the diversity in its cultural fabric or does racism continue to divide and disrupt practices of quality?

The True Environmental Cost of the Internet

The internet has become a quintessential part of our lives and we depend on it for most things but do we realise its consequences for the environment?

One Marechera, two points of view

The vastly different perspectives and treatments in two recent books about Zimbabwean author Dambudzo Marechera leave the reader with tantalising questions beyond the subject matter.

Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

Despite significant advances in space research, India has failed to tackle its toilet-sanitation problem.

Plans to Prevent Future Pandemics Must Consider Gender Issues, too

The article highlights how any planning for a pandemic-free world needs to take the gender question so seriously.

The Climate Crisis Needs Feminism

Feminist intervention is the bold action we need to tackle the growing climate crisis of our times. With intersectional feminist leadership, we can get to the root cause of the climate crisis

Sikkim’s urban sacred groves mitigate double the carbon compared to a natural rural forest

A quality unique to Sikkim has been the role played by its religious and cultural institutions in the preservation of forests, these forests also help fight the impact of climate change and mitigate environmental degradation to a large extent.

Budget 2021: Is the Education Sector Even a Priority?

The article is a commentary on the government’s continued apathy towards the education sector in the post pandemic world, the subsequent budget cut, and the impact of privatisation on the sector.