Thursday, July 7, 2022
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EDITORIAL : A Day of Celebration, a Day of Struggle

EDITORIAL | August 15 is a special day in the life of the nation. It is about struggle and freedom; it is about dreams and aspirations; and it is about plurality, differences and peaceful coexistence.

EDITORIAL : The Changing Trajectory of the Nation



PRINT EDITION/ FEBRUARY 2018/EDITORIAL The last issue of The New Leam has received an enormous response from our readers. Your regular feedback and critical observations...

Editorial January 2017

It was  December 4, 2014 when the first issue of The New Leam was launched. There was no grand strategy and no big money,...

 Does Anybody Bother About Political Education?

Amid the ritualization of elections and the valorization of success stories, do we really bother to see the all-pervading decadence, and think of appropriate political education to resist the pathology of mainstream electoral politics?

Edtech in Teacher Education: Panacea or Dystopian Possibility?

Technology oriented solutions have been introduced in teacher education during campus closure period since March 2020. This article explores notions of student-teachers on use of edtech in teaching particularly its impact on development of teacher agency.

How a Soviet miner from the 1930s helped create today’s intense corporate workplace culture

The following article takes us deep into the story of a soviet miner from 1930s who played an important role in defining today's corporate culture. But how?

LONG READ/The COVID-19 Vaccine: The Need for a Democratic and Holistic Debate

The pandemic has brought vaccines to the centre stage, but how democratic is the debate regarding it?

Che Lives

Remembering Che Guevara on his 93rd birth anniversary - the most romanticized revolutionary icon of the world.

The Coronavirus Emergency in Nepal

The article looks at the intensity and management of the COVID-19 crisis in Nepal.

BBC Diana ‘cover up’ – why Lord Dyson’s report is a body blow for broadcaster

The BBC is ridden with intense angst about Lord Dyson’s report into the corporation’s now infamous interview with Princess Diana, in which she detailed the breakdown of her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

An engaged society is key for the future of African conservation, says WWF Africa’s Alice Ruhweza

Protecting Africa’s charismatic megafauna often come first to mind when Westerners think about conservation in Africa, but this is a narrow view that doesn’t capture the range of issues involved in conservation efforts across the continent.