Thursday, October 29, 2020
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    EDITORIAL : A Day of Celebration, a Day of Struggle

    EDITORIAL | August 15 is a special day in the life of the nation. It is about struggle and freedom; it is about dreams and aspirations; and it is about plurality, differences and peaceful coexistence.

    EDITORIAL : The Changing Trajectory of the Nation



    PRINT EDITION/ FEBRUARY 2018/EDITORIAL The last issue of The New Leam has received an enormous response from our readers. Your regular feedback and critical observations...

    Editorial January 2017

    It was  December 4, 2014 when the first issue of The New Leam was launched. There was no grand strategy and no big money,...

    Community | How Has the Pandemic Impacted the Roles of Men and Women in Your Family?

    COVID-19 has brought about a series of challenges before the global community ranging from large-scale unemployment and loss of livelihoods, an ever weakening and...

    The Life and Politics of Ram Vilas Paswan: The Leader Who Helped India Secure the Legislative Giants of the Mandal Report and SC/ST Act

    The Dalit leader’s death just twenty days short of Bihar’s upcoming Assembly Elections, has left a far reaching void. His political life and Bihar’s legislative history cannot be separated.

    Diversion of Infrastructure & Skilled Manpower for Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic Curtails Citizens’ Access to Routine Medical Services

    The pandemic has drastically impacted people’s access to regular and routine health facilities as a major chunk of resources and manpower stand diverted to strengthen the COVID-19 response. But it is high time that this is changed for the better.

    The Light of Awakening

    On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Here is a small note written by the editorial team. The aim is to invite the readers to the world of Sri Aurobindo—particularly, the insights with which he sought to change our perceptions of education.

    Bihar Witnesses Crumbling Medical Infrastructure Amid Pandemic, Putting Doctors at Highest Risk of Death Due to COVID-19

    Poor quality PPE kits, overburdening and non-adherence to basic safety protocol expose Bihar doctors to highest risk of infection related deaths according to IMA.

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    Coronavirus is killing quality journalism – here’s one possible lifeline

    The pandemic accelerated and aggravated a bad situation, twisting it into a new shape. Demand for high-quality news has grown suddenly, bringing new readers and subscribers. But advertising revenue, still a significant income for most mainstream news publishers, has collapsed.