Sunday, September 27, 2020
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    “A major learning for the post-COVID world should be the acknowledgement of a common humanity and the vulnerability of human existence.” Says Prof. Kumkum...

    Professor Kumkum Roy teaches at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Prof. Kumkum Roy has been working on issues related...

    An Obsession with Graded Learning Damages the Learner’s Capacity to Reflect and Engage with the Self

    A growing obsession with grades and certificates goes against the free-spirited eagerness to learn with interest and turns children into docile and disinterested consumers of knowledge.

    Kerala’s Mass Movement for Democratising Virtual Learning and Bridging the ‘Digital Divide’

    At a time when education is entirely halted for a majority of school students and a push for online education amid a lack of infrastructure asserts itself, Kerala is witnessing a historic mass movement for democratising virtual learning.

    All That is Lovely, Need Not be Fair: Learning to Embrace People Beyond the Colour of Their Skin

    From harmless taunts to media induced cultural symbols of beauty, the obsession with ‘fair’ skin points to a regressive and archaic Indian self.

    2G in Times of 4G: Poor Internet Connectivity Makes Online Learning Impossible for Children in the Kashmir Valley

    At a time when online teaching is becoming the new trend, children in the Valley are struggling to download WhatsApp lectures amid poor internet connectivity.

    Creative Pedagogy and Innovative Learning in Adverse Situations

    Innovative Pedagogy must be at the heart of education. How can this be made possible in the most adverse of situations that often characterize schools in India with little infrastructural support? Amidst these circumstances can a child-centric pedagogy really be designed and implemented to suit our own specific socio-cultural needs?

    E-Learning is Fashionable, But is it Universally Accessible Too?

    With schools shut and academic calendars looking uncertain, e-learning becomes fashionable. But can all children access it with equal ease and comfort?

    Learning to Live in Times of the Corona Pandemic: A New Reality and Many Challenges

    Covid-19 is certainly making news around the world and the fine line between panic and precaution seems to be disappearing fast, how should we make sense of this changing reality around us?

    Social Emotional Learning as the Key to Quality Education in our Schools

    The primary objective of education is to cultivate critical thought and sensitivity among students. Can we achieve this?

    Learning to Fall

    Philip Simmons’s book is a gift to all his readers who will draw many messages of life and death from his wonderful work. This inspirational book draws on everyday dilemmas and suggest alternative ways to look at lives problems in adversity.

    Expanding the Parameters of Learning beyond Fixed Notions

    Individuals have different potentials and standardized markers cannot determine their talents. We need a system of education that acknowledges and builds on the diverse ways in which individuals are gifted.

    Learning to Live in an India of Turmoil, Turbulence and Decadence of Secular Values

    The following article is a reflection on the contemporary trends of fragmentation, divisiveness and fracture evident in contemporary Indian politics.