Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Nivedita Dwivedi

The Idea of Early Childhood Care and Education as Enshrined in NEP 2020

The following article focuses on Early Childhood Care and Education as discussed in NEP 2020.

Cultivating Peace, Dialogue and Justice Through Education

An important goals of education is to lay the foundation for a society based on equality, peace and justice.

Problematising the Evaluation System, the Absurdity of Conducting Exams Amid the Pandemic

With the government keen on conducting final year examinations for final year students even amid the pandemic, lets rethink evaluation.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Reminds Us of the Fragility of the Human Ego

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that contrary to what we may like to believe, nature is beyond and above our whims and wishes.

The Dream City: An Imaginary Escape into a World Beyond Reality

In this imaginary world, much like in our own- people ask questions, debate and disagree but will they live together despite their differences?

The Implications of Cultural Politics for the Social Order

Politics and culture have an inherently complex relationship whereby both influence the others’ potential to transform society.

Labelling Theory and the Classrooms

The classroom is like a second home for the child. Each and every child requires to be nurtured with unadulterated care and love to be able to realize her complete potential.

Deconstructing ‘Moral’ Education and its Relevance for Our Times

Moral education is a much contested terrain; nevertheless it is a theme that has captured the attention of educationists from the beginning of time. In the contemporary situation it becomes crucial for us to redefine its meaning, and innovate it to suit the challenges of the present times. The article that follows shows us the path by throwing light on this interesting and compelling theme.

Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Standardization’

Standardization often acts like am equalizer for differences, but in many cases it may lead to the ruthless destruction of diversity and uniqueness. How do we strike the right balance?

Poor and Wretched: Struggles for Existence despite National Development

ECONOMIC INEQUALITY          Growing economic inequality seems to be tearing the world apart.  The disparity has resulted in undignified lives, unemployment and the absence of even the basic necessities for a large section of the population.

POEM | Some illegitimate thoughts

Even in the over-crowded city, there is a possibility: a touch that gives birth to an extraordinary poem. Share your poem with us at

Mulk : A Film About Important Issues in Indian Secularism

FILM REVIEW Mulk is a significant film in the contemporary context as it reiterates the importance of secularism and the misplaced debates on terrorism. The film could have offered a more nuanced understanding of inter religious stereotypes and the relationship between communities. Nivedita Dwivedi