Thursday, October 29, 2020
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    The Politics of Public Opinion and Popular Narrative in the Aftermath of National War- Mongering

    In the context of the Pulwama attack and the war-mongering in the aftermath of the deadly attack, it is important to contemplate upon the instigative and irresponsible role played by the media.  The building of a responsible public opinion is one of media’s key responsibilities which it seems to have negated over the recent weeks.

    Opinion Polls Predict Tough Time for NDA

    LOK SABHA ELECTION 2019 The ABP-CVoter and India Today-Karvy have come up with Opinion Polls that show the revival of the UPA and the challenges to the sweeping success of the NDA across the nation.

    Donald Trump or Joe Biden: 70 Million Americans Cast Votes in Early Voting as America Awaits Historic Elections

    Early elections in 2020 are indicative of the American citizen’s renewed interest in politics as 70 million people come out to exercise their right to franchise in early voting.

    The Appalling Educational Status of Muslims in India Needs Urgent Attention

    The appalling educational status of Indian muslims must be worked upon through sustained efforts for the dissemination and democratisation of educational opportunities.

    After early success, Kerala stumbles in containing the COVID-19 pandemic

    Months after winning international acclaim for effectively managed COVID-19, Kerala is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases.

    How sexist abuse of women in Congress amounts to political violence – and undermines American democracy

    From plans to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s being called a “f—ing b—” by her colleague Rep. Ted Yoho, it’s been...

    The Pandemic and the Plight of Female Inmates in Indian Jails

    The coronavirus pandemic has compelled us to reimagine the Indian prison from the vantage point of the female prisoner as she deals with issues like child-birth, assault and morbidities as infections multiply.

    Stunted Economic Growth, Unemployment and Poverty Haunt Bihar Politics Ahead of Assembly Elections

    As the assembly elections draw closer amid the chaos of the pandemic, whom will the average Bihari voter select in the elections?

    Top News Briefing/ China Opposes Infrastructure Development by India in Ladakh, Warns of Tensions Escalating and Other News Updates

    China Opposes Infrastructure Development by India in Ladakh, Warns of Tensions Escalating : Recently 44 bridges were built in the UT of Ladakh and...

    Born into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids- Understanding Humanity and Compassion Through the Eyes of a Filmmaker

    By looking at and reviewing a documentary on the life and hardships of a prominent Red Light area in Kolkata, the author raises pertinent questions on humanity, compassion and the human sentiment.

    The Life and Politics of Ram Vilas Paswan: The Leader Who Helped India Secure the Legislative Giants of the Mandal Report and SC/ST Act

    The Dalit leader’s death just twenty days short of Bihar’s upcoming Assembly Elections, has left a far reaching void. His political life and Bihar’s legislative history cannot be separated.

    Abdication, Intimidation and Indignity: Decoding the Developments in the Hathras Case

    The Hathras gang-rape case is claiming the centre stage of media attention as authorities face public backlash over inadequate probe and investigation.