Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    Singing ‘Hum Dekhenge’ in Hard Times: Why a Pakistani Poem Echoes India’s Pains 40 Years Later

    Hum Dekhenge is among Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s most powerful revolutionary poems. Does the use of the lines written by a Pakistani poet such as Faiz Ahmad Faiz during our collective resistance against the contentious CAA and NRC ,amount to “spreading hate against India”?

    Mamata Banerjee’s Poem Asks, ‘What is the Address of Democracy’?

    West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s poem ‘Thikana’ is about the threat to Indian democracy in the present times.

    A Poem Entitled ‘Eternity’ By Sitanshu Yashaschandra

    Even amidst 'breaking news' and instant political commentaries, we ought to feel the eternity of the poetic wisdom. And this makes The New Leam unique.

    POEM Fallen Down to Being Elevated

    Fallen Down to Being Elevated Preeti Chadha

    POEM | Where is he now?

    Here is an extraordinary effort made by A.K.Ramanujan - a great Tamil scholar. He translated old Tamil poems selected from anthologies compiled about two millennia ago.

    POEM | Experiential Learning

    POEM \ EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Sridarshana Mukherji

    POEM | Some illegitimate thoughts

    Even in the over-crowded city, there is a possibility: a touch that gives birth to an extraordinary poem. Share your poem with us at

    POEM | In the classroom a teacher called me ‘glum-faced’

    LITERARY CORNER | Here is a poem The New Leam feels happy to share with its readers - a poem that arouses hope in human possibilities.

    POEM : Becoming

    POEM | The art of poetry enables the poet to dissolve into the rhythm of life and reveal insights that are meaningful and enriched. A young poet shares the magnificence of nature and the insignificance of the human pride through a lucid combination. Sukanya Khar

    POEM | There is a dawn without the sun

    Poem We by Jayant Pathak

    POEM | Amalkanti by Nirendranath Chakraborty

    POEM | Amalkanti- Nirendranath Chakraborty :Here is a beautiful poem that reminds us of the eternal conflict between life’s finest aspirations and the harsh reality of our earthly existence.