Saturday, June 19, 2021
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    Priyanka Yadav

    Priyanka Gandhi’s appointment and dynastic politics in India

    Priyanka Gandhi’s appointment as General Secretary of Uttar Pradesh (East) has brought the Congress under attack for practicing dynastic politics, but can other parties be exempted from this charge or is this political malice infecting the whole of India’s democratic and political fabric?

    Humanitarian and Health Crisis in Yemen: Looking Beyond the War

    HEALTH Yemen’s health crisis continues to impact the lives of thousands of people who are paralysed by a broken healthcare system and inhuman living conditions born out of war. It is time that the on-going war in Yemen is addressed and people’s lives are brought to normalcy. Priyanka Yadav

    Rebuilding Our Connection with the Aged: Dilemmas Associated with State and Societal Negligence

    MATTER OF CONCERN | The plight of the aged reminds the society of the tremendously long path that it has to cover for ensuring that the aged live a life of dignity and respect. On the International Day for Older Persons, let us strive to create a society that is conducive to their demands. Priyanka Yadav

    When a Ghost Upturned Patriarchy: On Stree’s Humorous and Thought Provoking Tale

    FILM REVIEW Stree - a recent film Directed by Amar Kaushik, tells the story of a village ghost who remedies the patriarchal viewpoints of the inhabitants by scaring and haunting them in a hilarious way. Priyanka Yadav

    Where have all the Working and Independent Minded Women Gone?

    GENDER Women are socialised into believing that having aspirations of their own may be in contradiction to family loyalty. It is time for women to pursue their aspirations in a gender sensitised and egalitarian culture that allows them the liberty to be themselves. Priyanka Yadav

    SC Will Not Ban Candidates Facing Criminal Charges from Contesting Elections

    POLICY MAKERS The criminalisation of Indian politics has led to a deadlock in the democratic culture of the nation, making it impossible for people to hold accountable representatives with criminal records. Public accountability accompanied by a vigilant citizenry can help decriminalise Indian politics. Priyanka Yadav

    Unplugged Existence: When a ‘Bad’ Network Day, Brought Me Closer to Life

    The obsession with technology has on many occasions taken us away from the celebration of heartfelt face to face conversations, the freedom to experience the beauty of life without a compulsion for sharing it on social networking sites or simply to enjoy a favorite book by the window side. A young woman shares an experience that led to an inner journey of contemplation and self-discovery. Priyanka Yadav

    Black Warrant: Confessions of a Tihar Jailer

    An engaging read from the crime genre, the book takes us inside the prison cells of Tihar and gives us a glimpse into the worlds of the crime and the criminal.

    “For us, the BJP is as good as the Congress” – Abdul Jabbar, victim of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

    BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY / How long will it take for the nation to compensate the victims of the unprecedented industrial calamity?

    Prithala Constituency in Faridabad to Undergo Re-polling

    The EC has announced the decision to conduct re-polling in Prithala constituency after the polling officer was arrested for influencing voters to vote for a distinct party.

    Asia Bibi Freed After Spending Years on Death Row on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

    PAKISTAN / Asia Bibi, who was under solitary confinement for nine years, can now walk free. In her interaction with the media, Asia stated that she could not believe her ears on what was she hearing, she was shocked and overwhelmed by the fact that she is free now. 

    U.S. Sends Air Force Bomber and Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to Iran Citing Threat of Military Escalation

    IRAN / The White House has announced that it will be sending American troops and Air force bombers to Iran as threat of military escalation looms over both the nations.