Friday, January 28, 2022
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The Body as a Site for Politics: Sabarimala Raises Questions on Faith versus Civility Debate

SABRIMALA ISSUE The Sabarimala issue raises important question regarding women’s dignity and their right to worship as a constitutional right.

Right to Breach Privacy: Centre’s Surveillance Order

The new law is likely to breach privacy and raise several important concerns about the proper utilization of data. The hue and cry over the mandate by the Opposition has asserted that it will be an assault on privacy.

The Ghost of Keezhvenmani Haunts Tamil Nadu Fifty Years after a Dalit Massacre

Keezhvenmani is still steeped with poverty, sporadic jobs, and erratic income. While the incident saw its representation in literature and movies, it has failed to remain fresh in the collective imagination of the subaltern in their demand for justice.

Reducing Cricketers into Cattle: The IPL Destroys the Spirit of Sports

SPORTS The grand spectacle of IPL has held the spectators in captivation since its conception in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Local Creativities in Times of Market Hegemony

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY This photo essay is an exploration of a living heritage museum, Dakshin Chitra, located in Muttukadu, 25km from the southern part of Chennai.

Transgender Persons Bill Gets Passed in Lok Sabha amid Community Unrest

GENDER The Transgender Persons Protection and Rights Bill (2016) was passed in the Lok Sabha with 27 amendments to it. The transgender community however feels that the Bill is discriminatory and criminalizes the community. One of the greatest objections raised about the Bill is that it does not give the transgender community the right to self-determination.

Sajjan Kumar Goes to Jail in 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots Verdict

The Delhi High Court on Monday convicted Congress leader Sajjan Kumar for his connection with the anti-Sikh riots that followed the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984.

Crocodile Conservation in Kolhapur : A Field Perspective

DEVELOPMENTAL AGENDAS The struggle to save the water resources and natural habitats of crocodiles in Kolhapur is not just an ecological concern, the damage of environment and local livelihoods in favor of relentless developmental agendas shall lead to adverse consequences in the future.

Touching the Untouched Sentinel Tribes: Justifying Encroachment in the Name of Civilization

North Sentinel Islands Issue The death of American missionary John Chau on the North Sentinel Islands has raised a debate on the onslaught of the modern civilization and the rights of the indigenous populations. It is a complex issue that must be revisited time and again.

Mirroring Prejudices: Pariyerum Perumal and the Caste Question

FILM REVIEW The medium of cinema is such that it has the power to depict the social world in a manner in which even the most profound messages are delivered with cinematographic aesthetic and nuanced symbolic codes.

Confronting India’s Healthcare Horror

HEALTH Although not a fundamental right, healthcare demands the critical attention of the State especially at a time when the private sector is making its entry into all spheres of life from healthcare and schooling to banking and communication.  Rajeshwari 

Manto: A haunting Tale of Trust and Defiance

FILM REVIEW Nandita Das’s directorial project Manto is a nuanced and intricate tale of the complex mind of the writer known for his radical commentary and sarcastic sense of humour.